Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Do PBS and NPR Ever Use the Term ‘Far-Left’?

Taxpayer-subsidized PBS and NPR have broadcast and/or published several stories lately that use the term “far-right.”

For the sake of balance, do either or both of those networks ever use the term “far-left”?

An extensive Google search revealed interesting facts.

But to understand why that question matters, one must examine PBS’ and NPR’s extensive use of the term “far-right.” This is clearly used as some sort of pejorative. One must also examine whether the use of that label is fair and whether the recipients of it truly are outside the political mainstream.   

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PBS recently smeared the grassroots organization Moms for Liberty as “far-right,” not once, but twice. This, even though reasonable and law-abiding parents in many communities nationwide would say Moms for Liberty’s views align with theirs.’

Last month, PBS accused “far-right” house Republicans of demanding more control over major issues in the House. The network complained in May that “far-right” groups in various state legislatures pushed bills that restricted or banned transgender care for minors.

Many people on the right believe some kind of political chicanery occurred in the 2020 presidential election, to the advantage of Joe Biden and to the detriment of former President Donald Trump. This is not an extreme view to hold, especially since many Democrats made the same accusation when Trump won in 2016.   

But this month, according to NPR, conservatives who believe vote fraud did occur in 2020 are…you guessed it…among the far-right.

One would assume the two networks, if they practice objective journalism, would tag members of Antifa or Black Lives Matter as far-left.

So, what did that search of past PBS and NPR articles reveal? 

This week I grouped the terms “NPR Far-left” and “PBS far-left” into the Google search engine.

NPR produced no such stories that contained that “far-left” term. 

PBS, meanwhile, only produced one, but this story covered political parties in Europe, not America. 

As RVIVR reported last yearNPR’s website is replete with one example of hard-left bias after another.

The New York Times reported in 2020 that taxpayers that year gave the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), $465 million. The CPB helps fund NPR, according to the Public Broadcasting Service’s (PBSwebsite.

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NPR’s website reports that “a large portion of NPR’s revenue comes from dues and fees paid by our member stations and underwriting from corporate sponsors.”

“On average, less than 1 percent of NPR’s annual operating budget comes in the form of grants from CPB and federal agencies and departments,” the website went on to say.

According to Influence Watch, “many media watchdogs consider NPR to have a left-of-center bias. NPR “receives almost 10 percent of its budget from federal, state, and local governments indirectly.”

Last year, members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate Appropriations Committees had zero interest in answering questions about the network’s liberal slant.

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