Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Donald Trump Makes the Press Act Like They Have Late-Stage Syphilis

Before we had Donald Trump we had Barack Obama, and it’s not difficult to tell which one the press carried a torch for and which one they despised.

The national media complained relentlessly when a rodeo clown wore an Obama mask at a show one night. They said mocking the president was disrespectful.

As far as the idiot press was concerned, if you opposed the first president of color then it had nothing to do with ideological differences and everything to do with racism.

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Then Donald Trump got elected.

The same reporters who used to hump and grind Obama’s leg like poodles in heat morphed into junkyard pit bulls who bared their fangs and went after Trump with bloodlust and animus. They laughed when an outdoor theater troupe acted out Trump’s imaginary assassination, as if it were cause for jubilation.

I don’t know why the press held Trump to a different standard (sarcasm). According to Ashley Judd, Trump looks like a man who bathes in Cheeto-dust. Why does the press defend one president of color but attack the next?

The same establishment press to this day falsely assumes Trump supporters are racist bigots and homophobes.

They presumed all conservatives agreed with all of Trump’s political positions and some of his more unconventional behaviors.

That’s not true.

It’s not so much that people on the right agree with everything Trump says or does. Trump’s appeal has more to do with his talents at making leftists go manic…as if they’re in the final stages of untreated syphilis.

The same establishment press that covered up for Obama and tried to destroy Donald Trump’s reputation now cover up for Joe Biden and his crackhead son Hunter.

Corporate conglomerates’ coverage of conservatives or conservative events brims with contempt, tries to discredit the people it quotes, and doesn’t even pretend it isn’t biased against people on the right.

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These people pose as objective reporters. They drool when they cover people on the left and write sympathetic puff pieces.

Take it from someone who once worked in corporate media. A lot of these people are either sheltered idiots and/or grew up in gated communities and don’t know any better. The rest of them are liberal activists masquerading as objective reporters.

This is the same media that told you that two MAGA hat wearing rednecks assaulted Jossie Smollett in Chicago at 3 a.m. when it was -20 degrees outside. And they never questioned it.

Bottom line: Never assume the people in the media are telling the truth or looking out for you or your best interests.

Much of the time, they aren’t.