Saturday, May 25, 2024

One Overlooked Irony in Sound of Freedom’s Success

The establishment press wants to discredit Sound of Freedom, as they do so many other things that contradict their leftist narrative, but this time, more so than others, the media shot straight for the sewer. 

In the new film, Jim Caviezel plays the real-life former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agent Tim Ballard. Ballard worked in the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force and worked undercover for the U.S. Child Sex Tourism Jump Team. 

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Ballard went on to start the nonprofit Operation Underground Railroad (OUR). That organization fights child sex trafficking and the sexual exploitation of minors worldwide. They also help law enforcement rescue children.

In the movie, Caviezel (as Ballard) resigns his position with DHS to rescue children from sex traffickers in Columbia.

That’s a noble thing…right? 

For those who have seen the film, the subject matter no doubt reinforces long beliefs that pedophiles deserve a special place in Hell.

But for the leftist press, much of this movie is, to quote Rolling Stone, a “QAnon-tinged thriller about child-trafficking [that] is designed to appeal to the conscience of a conspiracy-addled boomer.”

The Guardian, meanwhile, calls the new movie “paranoid.”

“Following that money leads back to a more unsavory network of astroturfed boosterism among the far-right fringe, a constellation of paranoids now attempting to spin a cause célèbre out of a movie with vaguely simpatico leanings,” The Guardian reported.

“The uninitiated may not pick up on the red-yarn-and-corkboard subtext pinned onto a mostly straightforward extraction mission in South America, pretty much Taken with a faint whiff of something noxious in the air. Those tuned in to the eardrum-perforating frequency of QAnon, however, have heeded a clarion call that leads right to the multiplex.”

Our leftist media lectures America to keep abortion legal because rape and incest are supposedly so rampant and purports to care so much for the plight of illegal immigrants. But that same media also believes that reports of human trafficking and child sex slavery worldwide are either urban myths or, at best, exaggerated.

This is the same press that resisted covering the Jeffery Epstein bombshell for years. They only relented when the story grew too big to ignore. 

The supposedly astute analysts at CNN warned Caviezel once peddled conspiracy theories about abused children at a QAnon convention.

A QAnon convention? 

Where’s the citation for that? 

In an earlier report, CNN reported that Caviezel spoke at a “right-wing convention.”

Yahoo News, however identified that convention as a Health and Freedom Conference in 2021 in Tulsa. In covering the event, several media outlets, including the taxpayer-funded NPRattached the QAnon label as a pejorative. But, to rebut CNN, the organizers of that event did not identify themselves as QAnon.

Does Jim Caviezel belong to QAnon?  

Perhaps the same media that spends so much time denigrating the actor should…I don’t know…ask him?

Keep in mind, this is the same media that also covered up Hunter Biden’s crimes and sexual indiscretions. 

Forgive us if we’re not ready to take the press’ word on Caviezel and the intent behind this movie.

Also keep in mind that Caviezel filmed Sound of Freedom in 2018 under 21st Century Fox. Disney acquired Fox. Disney then refused to release the movie, but eventually released the rights to another distributor.

If Sound of Freedom is QAnon propaganda then someone should inform the media that QAnon didn’t go mainstream until 2020.

Furthermore, this movie, while it doesn’t explicitly say so, takes place in 2013. That’s the year Ballard and other government operatives left their DHS jobs to rescue children for OUR.

Disney’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny continues to struggle at the box office. That movie cost $300 million to produce, Indiana Jones is also losing audience members to Sound of Freedom. The latter film endorses that “God’s children are not for sale.”

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Indiana Jones cost Disney $300 million to produce. 

Disney refused to release the highly successful Sound of Freedom and then suffered a massive loss with Indiana Jones. Perhaps it’s not just a matter of God’s children being for sale. Perhaps it’s also a matter of God’s followers defeating the wicked and reaping a certain sense of justice. 

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