Saturday, September 30, 2023

Russia-Ukraine & the End of the Unipolar Moment

Earlier this month, the United States Federal government decided to send the barbaric Cluster munitions rockets to the corrupt Ukrainian Regime on the other side of the globe. With every passing week, the American Regime seems to further escalating the Russia-Ukraine war. In fact, Joe Biden sent an additional three thousand US troops to Europe–on top of the roughly one hundred thousand troops already in Europe. With all of these moves, the American Regime is getting dangerously close to inciting a direct military confrontation with Russia–which we do NOT want to happen.

From an “America First” perspective, provoking war with Russia does not benefit the American people. Sending billions of dollars to a corrupt globalist client state like the Ukraine.

So if the American people do not benefit from getting involved with a border war on the other side of the world, then who benefits? Qui bono?

The American Regime is involved in the Russia-Ukraine war for one reason: global hegemony. The American Regime wants to preserve America’s standing as the world’s singular global power–i.e. the “unipolar moment”.

After the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991, the United States found itself in a historically unique position. The US was the world’s sole dominant power. There was no country that rivaled America’s military might, economic prowess, and cultural sway. No longer did the US have to compete with the Soviet Union as a rival. Instead, America could run the rest of the world however it wanted to, and no one could say otherwise for about 30 years.

After thirty years of unparalleled dominance, the American Regime finally sees a rival coalition forming. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and other countries are aligning together to resist the American Regime’s reckless foreign policy decisions of the last thirty years–from the Iraq War to continued NATO expansion decades after the Cold War ended. In the past few years, this rival coalition has gained power relative to America’s decline following failed wars in the Middle East and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting last year, the Russia-Ukraine conflict has become the largest European war since World War II, and the US’s involvement on behalf of the Ukraine has imperiled the American Regime’s status as the world’s sole global power.

So here are the three potential results from the Russia-Ukraine conflict:

A. Russia succeeds in its military objectives and the United States cedes its position as the world’s superpower–leading to a “Multipolar” world order.

B. Through American military assistance, the Ukraine repels Russia’s offensive. Consequently, the American Regime holds onto its tenuous position as the global superpower for the time being–continuing the “Unipolar” world order.

C. The United State starts World War Three by inciting Russia into a direct military conflict (i.e. WORST CASE SCENARIO).

Obviously, scenario C is the worst-case scenario, and no one should desire a disastrous outcome like that one. However, I would venture to say that Scenario B does not benefit the American people. Why might you ask? Well, let’s look at the past thirty years of America’s position as the global superpower–a declining US manufacturing base through terrible free-trade deals, trillions of dollars on failed “Forever Wars” in the Middle East, and constant freeloading from America’s “allies” through foreign aid/American military assistance. The results are not too good for the average American,

So, my contention is that the American Regime’s continued support to the Ukraine is not worth the risk of starting a war with Russia. There’s virtually no upside and endless risk for the American people. Yet, America’s corrupt ruling class is pushing our nation further into a perilous conflict.

Despite the fear-mongering from America’s foreign policy establishment, the end of the “Unipolar moment”–America’s time as the sole global power–is not necessarily a bad thing. We can still make America great again even with America’s declining status on the global stage.

It is high time that we look to save our country from its rapid internal decay. It is time to put America First in both foreign policy and domestic policy. It is time for for America First!

I hope you enjoyed this foreign policy-related article, and we should look forward to the day when America’s foreign policy decisions put the interests of the American people first and foremost.