Monday, December 11, 2023

A Reckless Attack On Freedom Of The Press Results In Death Of Elderly Owner

America is ravaged with many problems, but one of the most dangerous is the tiered justice system that now exists. One needs to look no further than the outrageous persecution of Donald Trump, while the Biden family smugly uses the system at every turn, pocketing millions upon millions of dollars through all types of embezzlement and extortion schemes.

Persecution and injustice doesn’t just happen on a national or a federal level, it has crept into all aspects of local governments, police forces and school boards. Whenever it rears it’s ugly head justice suffers. A story that hasn’t received a lot of attention occurred a few weeks back. Not only was justice breeched, but freedom of the press was battered, and the attack ultimately resulted in the death of an innocent ninety-eight-year-old.

Joan Meyer was the ninety-eight-year-old co-owner of the Marion County Record. A newspaper that is published weekly in Marion, Kansas. On August 11th, The Marion police force, which consists of five officers and two sheriffs deputies conducted a raid on her and her son Eric Meyer’s home, as well as the Marion County Record’s office.

The raid, which has the stink of “good ole’ boys network” all over it, so traumatized Joan Meyer, that she passed away the following day from the shock and trauma of the unnecessary intrusion on her home. The issue started when the newspaper obtained possession of sensitive material concerning local restaurant owner Kari Newell. The information reportedly contained documentation that shows Newell had driven without a license after receiving a citation for a DUI in 2008. Newell, who was attempting to obtain a liquor license for her restaurant at the time, feared that if the information was published the license would be blocked.

The paper trail regarding the information actually began with Newell’s estranged husband Ryan Newell. The couple is going through a contentious divorce after having separated last September. He sent the information to a “friend,” Pam Maag, who then tipped off a reporter for the paper, Phyllis Zorn.  Zorn then attempted to research and verify the information properly by contacting the Kansas Department of Revenue before conducting her online search. During that call she was given instructions on how to search the records.

It should be noted that the newspaper, not wanting to get caught up in a nasty divorce, never published the information. Instead, they turned it over to the police, the same police that then proceeded to raid the paper’s offices and the home of Eric and Joan Meyer.

Everything about this raid and Joan Meyer’s death is not only tragic, but it also appears to be criminal. Four days before the raid at a council meeting, Newell stood up and loudly accused the newspaper and Marion City Vice Mayor, Ruth Herbel, of obtaining the information illegally. The meeting quickly got out of control, with people yelling and voicing their obvious disapproval of Newell’s accusations.

During this ordeal, information also emerged that the police chief, Gideon Cody, was also being investigated by the newspaper over allegations of sexual misconduct. Cody only became Chief in Marion City in late April, after leaving the Kansas City police under the cloud of those sexual misconduct allegations.

Other factors that make the stench of this Gestapo like raid intolerable, are that after the confrontation at the council meeting between Newell and Herbel,  Herbel’s home was also raided. The justification for the warrants was never provided. In fact, the warrants that wrongly alleged there was probable cause to believe that identity theft and unlawful computer acts had been committed involving Marion business owner Kari Newell, … were Never Justified!

A reporter for the paper later requested a copy of the probable cause affidavit that is necessary for issuance of the search warrants. A District Court, where the affidavit should have been filed, issued a signed statement stating that no such affidavit was on file.

If the mud and dirt surrounding this entire disgrace wasn’t deep enough, get this. County attorney Joel Ensey, whose brother owns the hotel where Newell operates her restaurant, was asked for it but said he would not release it, because it was “not a public document.”

Eric Meyer, is determined to seek legal retribution against the City of Marion and all those involved in the raid. Legal experts that were consulted by the paper reportedly agree that the city violated federal laws and Constitutional rights. The experts consulted also labeled the raid unheard of in America, and reminiscent of what occurs in Third World countries.

The left loves to incorrectly call every conservative Hitler. Yet, when obvious S.S. like tactics are used by liberals, nothing is made of it. This raid was totally illegal and immoral. It was unjustified on every legal level and everyone involved needs to be punished in every conceivable way possible.

Joan Meyer was ninety-eight-years-old and was awaiting a meals-on wheels  delivery to her home. Her life was interrupted by criminals wearing police uniforms that entered her home under false pretenses. Their goal was to protect their chief and a renter at the County Attorney’s brother’s hotel.

They need to be punished swiftly and they need to be punished severely.