Saturday, December 09, 2023

Another Judge Demonstrates Stupidity On Steroids

In the movie Kindergarten Cop, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is a rough and tumble undercover police officer, has to assume the role of a kindergarten teacher. On his very first day, as he is trying to get to know the kids, one little boy stands up and lays some invaluable wisdom on Schwarzenegger; “boys have penises and girls have vaginas.”

You see, it really isn’t that difficult. Since the beginning of time, all mammalia have been separated by binary sex. There are biological females and there are biological males. That’s it. This really isn’t difficult. That said, we all know that the left, who loves to say follow the science, turns around and does the exact opposite.

Once and for all ….. There Are Two And Only Two Sexes, and Yes, They Are Binary. A Man CAN NOT Become A Woman, and A Woman Can Not Become A Man …. PERIOD!

Everything else is hocus pocus, imaginary, delusional, bullsh*t! Imagination is a wonderful thing, but not when someone’s imagination penetrates reality to the detriment of others, it then morphs into the realm of a delusion. Delusions are rarely positive or constructive, but very often they become dangerous.

In society, there are always delusional lunatics running around. What makes this society different, is that the radical left is not only encouraging these unrealistic psychotics, but they are also embracing and reinforcing their deranged beliefs.

When you consider the accurate description I have painted above, the left, by supporting these perversions, has to be victimizing others. It’s inevitable. Every single time a perversion is accepted and in some cases even celebrated, someone that opposes it loses. The left is not only demoralizing society by supporting the idea that a man can be a woman and vice versa, they are punishing the innocent who know better.

In American society, when people have gone off the rails in their support of a radical viewpoint, the normal, non-radical public, could count on the judicial system to restore civility. Those days are gone, since critical thinking has evaporated from the judicial system and been replaced by deliberate ignorance.

In Wyoming, a 6’2-inch 260-pound pervert by the name of Artemis Langford was allowed by the University of Wyoming to join the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority house and actually live among the females. Besides the fact that this creep is an obvious man, Langford has made the women feel uncomfortable with his awkward staring, photographing them without their consent and developing obvious erections that are visible through his leggings, which he sometimes tries to hide with a pillow. Langford, demonstrating true degenerate tendencies, also asks them about their intimate past and then threatens and intimidates them by threatening to label them as bigots if they raise public concerns.

Keep in mind that this is a women’s sorority house that has been invaded by a disgusting man that wants to get his jollies by living with young women. The school did nothing, so seven of the sorority members filed a lawsuit seeking rational justice against this invasion of their privacy.

Unfortunately, these young women seeking nothing more than a normal college experience, ran into an absolutely gutless, liberal placeholder, masquerading as a judge.

U.S. District Court Judge Alan B. Johnson dismissed the lawsuit on the unbelievable grounds that the sorority’s bylaws do not define what a “woman” is. This spineless piece of non-judiciary meat, refused to move forward with his own definition. Instead stating, “With its inquiry beginning and ending there, the court will not define a “woman’ today.”

The ”Court” will not define a woman today?

Alan B. Johnson is not a judge and he needs to be stripped of all authority. This man looked into the eyes of seven frightened and intimidated women and pulled his black robe over his useless head.

These women had the courage to bring their totally rational concerns into your courtroom and you chose to hide behind your leftist agenda and by doing so exposed them to not only discomfort, but danger.

The lawyer that defended this lipstick wearing swine, Is Rachel Berkness. She stated that the “allegations against Langford should never have made it into the legal filing. They are nothing more than cruel rumors that mirror exactly the type of rumors used to vilify and dehumanize members of the LGBTQIA+ community for generations, and they are baseless.”

Here’s the problem, these are not rumors. These are not accusations. These are truths, that you will not accept in order to advance your agenda, even though it places these young women in dangerous situations.

Not surprisingly, liberal sorority executive director, Kari Kittrell Poole, In an obvious “CYA” stance against leftist retribution, reportedly said the club doesn’t discriminate against gender identity and the lawsuit “contains numerous false allegations.” Although, She did not specify which allegations she was referring to.

This sick individual has been coddled instead of treated. Encouraged instead of being discouraged and now, this judge has deepened the wound to the innocent women in this sorority.

Disgust is not a powerful enough word. Everyone that enabled this horrific violation of the safety of these women for no other reason than to advance an agenda need to be imprisoned. This is the stuff of nightmares that the left is exposing all of us to.

Time to “Wake” up America and to imprison the “Woke.”