Monday, December 11, 2023

Driverless Electric Car Mayhem Is Exactly What This City Deserves

Remember when progress meant making things better? Of course that was before progressives reversed the meaning of the word. Very much like woke now means sound asleep.

In many ways, San Francisco has become the poster child for total incompetence. From providing drug addicts with drugs, to allowing people to defecate and urinate on the street. Their handling of crime has turned Union Square, a once vibrant shopping area into a boarded up and dangerous place to even walk through. The result of this turnstile handling of crime has resulted in many major retailers and corporations choosing to leave the city.

Now progressives have turned the remaining citizens into test dummies again. To fully understand why actual humans are never the most important part any liberal plan, just know that we are considered expendable. The radical left has an agenda to alter every aspect of society. Whether we survive the transition is of no consequence to them. Above all else, their ludicrous ideals must be achieved. In fact, they would prefer that most of us didn’t survive.

One of the main illusions they want to pull over America’s eyes is the idea of climate change. Part of that illusion involves the elimination of fossil fuels and a major part of that is the elimination of gas-powered autos. The problem with every liberal idea is that they blindly pursue them. They don’t even care if the plan works. To them it’s all about getting their way, everything else be damned.

San Francisco’s newest excursion into La-La Land involves driverless electric “robo-taxi’s.” What could go wrong … right?

Well, according to the residents, lots of things. Even the fire department and transit authority have issues with the idea. Jeanine Nicholson is the city’s Fire Department Chief. The issues she has with driverless cars are not minor. In fact, she claims that the vehicles have interfered with emergency operations nearly forty times.

“We’ve had them run over our fire hoses. We’ve had them block fire engines, and we’ve had them come into live, active fire scenes. We need something to change.”

According to a report from the California department of motor vehicles, there have been nearly seventy autonomous vehicle collision reports in 2023, including one incident in which a dog was struck and killed by a Waymo vehicle.

One activist group, Safe Street Rebels, are stepping forward to do something about the cars. For the record, the group has its own agenda. They have campaigned for less cars of any type on San Francisco streets for years. They advocate for pedestrian safety by promoting the use of public transportation.  Besides the very fact of their presence on the streets, the group disputes that the cars are truly environmentally friendly, pointing out that constructing and charging them still pose environmental risks. They also believe that the cars can violate personal privacy, arguing that widespread use of the vehicles cameras are a surveillance risk. They assert that law enforcement has made a number of requests for footage collected by the car’s cameras.

The group has birthed a rather ingenious way of making their voice heard. They collect orange cones from construction sites around the city. They then place them over the sensor on the car’s hood, which instantly disables it. They then leave the stopped vehicle in the middle of the street to disrupt traffic.

The two primary suppliers of the cars to the city, Google owned “Waymo” and “Cruise” are not amused. Waymo expressed disappointment, emphasizing the “lifesaving” potential of autonomous driving technology. Cruise took another route in voicing its disapproval, they publicly campaigned for its cars, showcasing the regrettable fact that “humans are terrible drivers.”

Something must have worked, because a decision to allow the two companies to have twenty-four-hour access to the city streets has been delayed by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

San Francisco is waist deep in problems, but in typical liberal fashion instead of solving those, they create more by pursuing questionable alternatives like electric driverless taxis. The city is delusional, still considering itself a cutting-edge tech-savvy city.

The sad part is that if they continue down their current woke path, they will complete the ghost town they are constructing. The taxi’s won’t have anyone to transport and ironically won’t have drivers either.