Sunday, December 03, 2023

Exclusion Based on Values, Morals and Character is not Unfair

During the Woke reign of terror, no two terms have become more dreaded than “diversity” and “inclusion.” They have become the war cry of the left in the culture wars, and the lives of countless individuals standing in the path of the plague of woke locusts have been destroyed in the name of their sanctimony. Even if you’re quiet and lucky enough to escape Woke’s wrath, you probably have been forced to endure endless hours of boring, droning virtue signaling from leftists in human resources.

This effort to force disparate groups of people to integrate artificially has become so intense, the federal government has taken an active role in bringing undesirable people into your community, whether you like it or not. They hide behind the universal banner of racial and sexual equity, but in reality, their nefarious aims have nothing to do with either. In truth, what they want is social and economic equity, and the lower the mean average, the better.

At some point in their lives, many people find themselves in undesirable circumstances that include living in towns, cities or neighborhoods on the lower end of the socio-economic curve. From the moment one arrives in one of these places, the goal is to get out. In most instances, the environment itself serves as a wake-up call that often prompts a reset with a focus on personal improvement. There are countless rags to riches stories of people so hungry to escape their surroundings, they applied extraordinary effort that resulted in great success and ultimately provided enormous societal benefits.

These people left their old, desperate, depressing, drug-saturated and crime-ridden neighborhoods behind and moved to areas where the local residents reflected the values and lifestyle they envisioned for themselves and their families. This phenomenon is not necessarily dependent on earning a degree in higher education. There are many stories of people who learned a trade or vocation that served as the means of escaping to a better place.

However, not everyone living in a human cesspool is destined to leave. The majority of residents in places like Detroit will end up living in the same squalid neighborhood their entire lives. In many instances, these people lack the will and fortitude to improve their lot in life, and a steady decline, usually the result of alcohol and drug use, ensures they will remain in living stasis until they die. Typically, their lifestyle projects a lack of values, which presents a danger to those who are exposed to them.

Biden Steps in to Fix Your Neighborhood

In the past, an economic litmus test resulted in the creation of neighborhoods where residents tended to practice and advocate similar values. Those who wanted to improve themselves and assimilate into the neighborhood were always welcomed. However, those who refused to put in the work or succumbed to the temptations of vice remained in less desirable areas. It was a form of exclusivity that had nothing to do with race, skin color, religion or sexual orientation and everything to do with a desire to live according to an agreed upon set of rules.

Yet, that wasn’t good enough for woke leftists. No, they demanded those in poorer neighborhoods receive benefits that would allow them to live in areas they would not normally be able to afford. Despite insurmountable incompatibility with their neighbors, Woke insists on shoehorning them into areas where they are not wanted. Often times, these individuals have no desire to work, use drugs and commit crimes, but that doesn’t matter to authoritarian leftists. Remember, these overzealous demoniacs crave attention and the reinforcement they’re “making a difference,” and if your town or neighborhood is ruined in the process, well, that’s your problem. The moralists will be long gone and working to disrupt someone else’s life by then.

The method the federal government is using to administer this forced integration is through a policy that encourages state and local jurisdictions to abandon “exclusionary zoning” laws. Essentially, this is the mechanism city councils use to create single-family neighborhoods. However, to the Biden administration, exclusionary zoning creates a barrier that keeps poor people from moving to the suburbs, which may be true, but so what?

To right this wrong, the federal government now offers financial incentives for cities to drop exclusionary zoning in exchange for more money. If your city council is anything like mine, they always crave new sources of revenue. It’s like putting a bottle of gin in front of an alcoholic. They can’t help themselves.

California is leading the way on this effort. In 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom signed two bills into law that allowed for denser housing on single-family lots, thus eliminating local control over the construction of multi and single family housing. Like Biden’s measure, California’s laws are designed by nature to move people without the financial means into more affluent neighborhoods. Naturally, in many cases, they will bring their culture of drugs, poverty, laziness, crime and lack of morality with them. To make matters worse, we are now watching an incursion of illegal aliens into peaceful neighborhoods as city and state leaders set up camps near schools and single family residences.

To be clear, this issue is entirely about values and morals. People who worked hard for the benefit of their family should not be forced to live next to those who have squandered opportunities and chosen a life of laziness, crime and/or drug use.

Exclusion, when it is exercised on the basis of economics, character, values and morals, should be encouraged, not prohibited. If you don’t speak up, you might one day wake up and find they’re breaking ground on a low-cost multi-family project right next door.

The woke movement is relentless, and destroying peaceful, calm and thriving neighborhoods is on their agenda.