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Four Years Later: Aftermath of the Epstein “Suicide”–Part II

The aftermath of Epstein, a name that continues to haunt the American story maybe more than any other in recent years.

Read Part I here.

Donald Trump and a Slow Dawning

There are unquestionably concerns I as a faith-based person have about Donald Trump. He is not my savior, nor should he be anyone’s. That person is Christ.

I look at Trump as more of a necessary wrecking ball, an imperfect but timely bridge to someone and something better. Maybe a storm that clears the path.

I have expressed my support for President Trump because of the war he is waging against Deep State globalists trafficking children all over the planet. This support goes back to 2017 or ’18 in general, but, in writing specifically, back to 2022 when I ran this article. It presents an abundance of concrete administrative evidence for Trump’s battle to save the children.

To me, this is still the one issue unlike any other. We have to fix this problem if we are to move forward not only as a Republic, but more importantly as a civilization. If the most vulnerable among us are not protected or fought for, if Little League baseball tournaments and scrolling through IPhones and self-posing for Instagram and watching too much sports (guilty!) are more important than this, God help what that says about our humanity.

Plus–and I won’t get into it in detail here because it’s too complex–taking down the sickos that smuggle and torture children is the foundational card that takes down the entire demonic house of them, because this whole communist takeover attempt we’ve been witnessing involves the same villains as those that rape and kill children for fun. Yes, Covid-19 and vaccines are related in a very concrete way to child trafficking. It all connects, in my estimation.

That is why it is so important that we care. I mean really care.

Unfair Trump Derangers and even your honest critic will say that, well, look at this. Trump took photographs with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. I don’t run from that fact. To be fair, I am a realist–there are a lot of inconsistencies out there that make it possible that, somehow someway, Trump was once involved in the very world he is currently fighting. It is the same way I feel toward Elon Musk and what he is doing with Twitter/X. There is so much good about the information exposure he is bringing, but there are also skeletons in both his past and present that keep me watching.

It is important to have relatively firm opinions, particularly couched in truth and faith, while suspending other possibilities for exploration along the way. One of the barometers I use is to observe who it is the mainstream media attacks with their customary vitriol.

Trump is of course Exhibit A for this exercise.

In the end, for me, there are too many good things in which to anchor myself with Trump. From all appearances, he is going after the head of the snake. This evil goes so far beyond the term “child trafficking” that it has literally made grown men in uniform run outside and throw up when they’ve seen things on a laptop that wouldn’t be fit for hell itself. If you know what I’m talking about, you know. But, once again, prudence and time force me to only dangle a carrot. It is an article for another day.

The only president to work to bring this kind of filth into the light at all, even though granted, we don’t always get to see it or the justice behind it, is Donald Trump. Where were all these other presidents–what were they doing–when all of this was going on all these years?

As the years have gone by, and as the attitude toward Trump from the Left so clearly went from friendship and adulation to near-exclusive hatred overnight in June 2015, it appears that Trump knows something they don’t want him to know, much less reveal. Moreover, if Epstein was in fact running a blackmail operation against global elites as much of the evidence indicates, wouldn’t it be safe to assume that the mainstream media, which have spent every waking minute of the last eight years trying to destroy Trump, would have used this juicy, slam-dunk story instead of the flimsy, comical ones the Left has concocted, set up, and lost?

Then again, doing so would have shined the light on them as well. It is something they are risking even now with the recent indictments and Trump’s new subpoena power. Things quite possibly could boomerang on them.

Citizen Trump was fighting this war against human trafficking long before 2015. Two examples are a Twitter post and the assistance he gave in an earlier investigation of Epstein in 2015.

The tweet, from 2012: “Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents – fast trial, death penalty.”

The assistance from 2009: The only thing that I can say about President Trump is that he is the only person who, in 2009 when I served a lot of subpoenas on a lot of people, or at least gave notice to some pretty connected people, that I want to talk to them, is the only person who picked up the phone and said, let’s just talk.  I’ll give you as much time as you want.  I’ll tell you what you need to know, and was very helpful, in the information that he gave, and gave no indication whatsoever that he was involved in anything untoward whatsoever, but had good information. That checked out and that helped us and we didn’t have to take a deposition of him in 2009.

So, many of us, seeing the photographs of Trump and Epstein, along with so many other photographs of Trump rubbing shoulders with the elite of the elites, started asking the question: Was Trump a mole who infiltrated that morally depraved world only to later take that world down? Of course that would mean that there is some military operation at play pitting good against evil. It is Biblical. It all sounds like a movie.

But wouldn’t that be fitting how we would receive the truth in this pivotal moment in our nation’s short history, considering how much delight we place in our entertainment pursuits and celebrity crushes? It would be a mercy to have the opportunity to be discoverers in a way that we are already accustomed to.

In Trump’s words, “Drain the Swamp” (2015-2020) has “mysteriously” transformed into “Destroy the Deep State” (2023). The swamp and this war are no longer about Republican vs Democrat, as so many citizens, myself included, once thought.

You may ask why the delay in details, why the evolution of rhetoric, over the years. It seems that Trump and whatever operation running the show behind him understand breadcrumbing too. They understand cognitive dissonance, on both an individual and a national level. They understand that in order to wake up a populace, you must move slowly. If you compare his rhetoric over the years, you will see that it has gone from more conventional to, dare I say, conspiratorial. The thing is this: the conventional vocabulary he used was always meant to point to a deeper evil–a more foundational card–raging right beneath our noses, evil that the Mel Gibsons and Jim Caviezels and General Michael Flynns of the world are exposing as we speak.

Swamp always meant Deep State.

Caviezel, in an appearance on Fox & Friends promoting Sound of Freedom, expressed the urgency of Trump’s return to the White House.

It is difficult not to believe a man who once played the role of Jesus Christ and who reportedly has always lived out his Catholic faith amidst the wolves of Hollywood.

Everything Sound of Freedom represents is what Trump did 14 years ago when he cooperated with the Florida district attorney. It represents what he did in 2012 in that tweet. And it represents what he did eight years ago when he announced his plan to drain the swamp.

It represents everything he is fighting for now, and from my humble vantage point, everything Christ would want us to fight for as well.

This whole trafficking syndicate is a glut of reptiles worthy of much worse than a jail cell. Epstein and his death was one impetus for Sound of Freedom making so much sense to the masses four years later, masses who would have once upon a time called it all just tinfoil hat conspiracy theory. Now that the information war is raging hotter than ever before, let’s just hope that men and women like Trump who are presenting themselves as soldiers for the good guys really are. Either way, the call for all peoples must be repentance, prayer, and fasting, not just for ourselves, but more especially for the most innocent put in our charge. Epstein may be dead physically, but his aftermath is a ghost living on that we must beseech Christ to destroy once and for all.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.