Monday, December 11, 2023

The Emasculation Of Men And The Destruction Of Women’s Sports

OK, …. Here we go again. What was once a lovely midwestern state, Wisconsin is fast becoming a total liberal playground. I can remember a time whenever Wisconsin came to mind my first thought was of cheese and dairy products. Now, all I think about is mayhem where there once was peace.

In Green Bay of all places, parents are angry and rightfully so. Their children are being sacrificed to the evil whims of the left. Biological females are being forced to compete against, and in some cases with transgenders. Each of these incidence and the numbers grow every day, represents a microcosm of society in 2023. Even In places like Green Bay, the left has abandoned sanity and continue to deny the reality of biological sexes.

Let’s talk about the pea brained libs in Green Bay. This is the same place where Vince Lombardi coached the legendary Green Bay Packer teams of the 60’s. Lombardi was a perfectionist. His “Packer Sweep” was based on precision blocking. A play that every team knew they were going to run, but still couldn’t stop. To this day, the Super Bowl trophy is named after him and his relentless pursuit of perfection.

So sports in Green Bay are sacred right? The town is steeped in tradition right?

Well, …. Not so much.

The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA), is condoning that a transgender male cannot only compete against females, but he can use their bathroom and locker room, if he so chooses.

In this case for privacy reasons, the actual sport involved is being withheld, but parents are outraged because their daughters are returning home after practices with welts and bruises. Yet in spite of the danger for injury and the parental complaints, the WIAA has chosen to cling to their woke  pursuit of “inclusion.”

One of the parents, Ryan Gusick, said that some of the girls are quitting the team over fears of being injured. “They’re just not used to the ball coming at them that hard.” While another mother added that the male student has “the most power” of anyone that’s playing.

Ben Krumholtz who works at WLUK Green Bay, echoed Gusick’s comments. “in summer practices and games, the parents say girls are leaving with welts and bruises they’ve never received before.”

The irony of this situation is that the written goals of the WIAA policy are:

“Equity, physical safety, and competitive equity.”

Really? It’s amazing how quickly common sense goes out the window when the left gets involved. Girls are being battered and bruised and the school thinks it’s “competitive equity.”

The policy also states that:

“A student’s member school will be the point of contact for determining the student’s eligibility to participate in WIAA sponsored interscholastic athletics.

A male-to-female transgender student must have one calendar year of medically documented testosterone suppression therapy to be eligible to participate on a female team.”

In another infuriating demonstration of how far off of the rails this school has drifted, in a closed door meeting the parents were told that if the girls have issues with the decision, they should seek counseling.

Gusick was one of the parents that attended the meeting. Afterwards, he expressed his disappointment.

“We were hoping to hear a little bit more of both sides of the compass, but it was really one-sided: this is the WIAA, this is Title IX, if the girls have issues they can find counseling and life goes on.”

He added that the girls are “kind of fed-up hearing that your safety is our top concern from all these people and they’re really doing nothing about it.”

As for the locker room usage, which is essentially forcing girls to undress and change clothes in front of a male, the school is turning a deaf ear to the concerns of the girls and their parents.

The school district explained their policy this way, claiming that it:

“works with the transgender students to determine what they would prefer. However, they have a legal right to use the locker room. If they choose to use the locker room they gender identify with, students who may have concerns the District will work with to provide supports.”

It’s unfortunate, but these decisions are ruining women’s sports. Some girls are refusing to even try out when a transgender is involved, while others are being injured by the more powerful males. So the physical and mental suffering inflicted on these girls is acceptable, as long as the egos of those in charge and the male student aren’t bruised.

On one hand the left is constantly attacking masculinity while at the same time supporting males competing in women’s sports. It’s contradictory, but clearly demonstrates what a sick fantasy world the radical left exists in.  

The left will accept males when they pretend to be female. In their distorted minds, the masculinity that they despise, magically disappears when a man claims to be a woman.

This school district, like so many others that claim to be woke, are living in some sort of an opposite universe. They are actually telling girls that simply want to compete on a girls only team against other girls, to seek counseling if they don’t like a boy being involved.

Let that sink in. To these fools, the boy, pretending to be a girl doesn’t need counseling, the girls do if they don’t want to undress in front of him and compete against him.

You have to wonder if these people drive everywhere backing up, by looking into what they call a “front-view mirror.”