Monday, December 11, 2023

The Tucker Carlson-Devon Archer Interview, Part 2

What you saw yesterday was the first 12 or so minutes of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s former business partner. This is the second part which contains a lot more information. It goes a little more than an hour.

Archer is a very likable guy and he comes off as…mostly honest. There are a few things in this which don’t come off as particularly true, and it’s fair to recognize that Archer has had some reasonably sizable legal problems of his own. He’s facing a sentence for his part in a deal which went wrong and essentially scammed some $60 million or so from a Native American tribe, something which is the proper subject of another post entirely; the point is you don’t have to take his word as gospel.

That said, it’s pretty clear most of what Archer is saying resonates as true. Particularly since his story doesn’t fit either party’s narrative about Hunter Biden and the Biden bribes scandal. Archer mostly debunks, for example, the asinine narrative that Democrats like Dan Goldman have been spinning, which is that when Joe Biden exerted his influence as Vice President to get Ukrainian prosecutor general Victor Shokin fired, it was actually a bad thing for the corrupt natural gas company Burisma whom Shokin was investigating. That said, Archer provides some context – which is that as a member of the Burisma board, something he and Hunter Biden had in common, the company’s management was told that Shokin “had been taken care of,” meaning that they’d been assured his investigations into the corruption at Burisma were at an end.

That’s Goldman’s position. Archer all but laughs it out of school, though he concedes that at the time it’s what he was being told.

Archer tells an interesting story about how he, and ultimately Hunter, ended up on the Burisma board. Archer’s involvement came because he had pitched Burisma CEO Mykola Zlochevsky an investment in his private equity real estate fund, and that didn’t go anywhere. But Zlochevsky knew Archer was a business partner with Hunter Biden, so he had then-Polish president Aleksander Kwaśniewski contact Archer and pitch him the idea of taking a Burisma board seat. Archer said his value to Burisma was that he was a pro at raising capital, and he then convinced Burisma to hire Hunter as the company’s legal counsel in DC. Within a couple of months Hunter went on the board.

Which we think might not be all that accurate a telling of how this happened. We’d bet Archer was told that if he recruited Hunter, and by extension his father, there would be a lucrative board seat in it for him. We can understand why he didn’t want to advertise that.

Anyway, without giving away too much else, here’s the interview. It’s very well worth your time to watch it, because Archer is a voice from the inside of these deals and it’s quite clear he’s seen an enormous amount of corruption from the Bidens. Tucker doesn’t cut him off, he doesn’t aggressively steer the interview. He lets Archer tell his story, and what he says mostly rings true.