Monday, December 11, 2023

Time To Abort The AMA’s Idea To Transplant A Uterus Into A Biological Male

The Anarchist Medieval Association (AMA), is getting plenty of well-deserved pushback for publishing a comic book that they call (Get This), the Journal of Ethics. What was the topic you ask? Well, it was a discussion on the morality of uterus transplants into biological men.

Yep, the AMA is now pondering the nonsensical idea of transplanting a female organ into a biological male, all because the male is mentally imbalanced and thinks he’s a woman. You have to let this level of stupidity sink in. Stupidity this glaring needs to be mused over.

This is the same group that also wants to allow minors girls, in some cases as young as twelve years old, to decide that they want their breasts removed. Girls that can’t buy cigarettes, liquor, get a tattoo, or vote, should in the minds of these wizards, be allowed to make that big of a life altering decision. This is unprecedented in that it allows healthy organs to be removed solely on a whim.

The American Family Association (AFA) has taken major offense to this idea. So much so that they are demanding that doctors take stock of themselves and remember exactly what the Hippocratic Oath entails.

The group has started a petition to stop the AMA from:

“suggesting that taxpayers fund unnatural and irreversible gender-modifying procedures that disfigure the human body.”

It also states that the AMA has: “basically exchanged the Hippocratic Oath for social and partisan activism” and urges doctors to remember their oath, “first, do no harm.”

The AFA President, Walker Windom, believes as we all do, that the AMA was established to protect human life, the idea that men and women can exchange organs based on delusions is ridiculous.

“Instead, the AMA is promoting taxpayer-subsidized uterus transplants for men who think they’re women. God created women, and women only, to conceive and foster life in the womb. The AMA is crossing a dangerous line of moral and life-altering significance by promoting this procedure.”

The AMA tried to downplay the article by stating that their “official” position on giving men uteruses to men are “editorially independent” from the organization. However, many M.D.’s say that articles signal changes that are on the horizon in the medical community.

“The AMA has no position, existing or anticipated, on the issue of uterus transplantation in transgender individuals. AMA policy is established through robust debate and the democratic processes of our House of Delegates, and the work of the AMA remains focused on the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health.”

The AMA needs a new spokesperson. Preferably one that has taken an oath not to lie. Although since the Hippocratic Oath means so little, I doubt that anything can protect us from these societal misfits.

Uterus transplants in biological women are very risky procedures. The idea of putting one in a man borders on a Frankenstein like procedure. I don’t want to hear about gender identity, a man can’t be a woman.

The AMA knows that, but in order to satisfy a disgusting faction of society, they feed the delusion. Just like the FDA, these types of decisions do nothing but decrease the confidence the average citizen has in what were once respected organizations.

Men are Men and Women are Women, and NOTHING can change that!