Friday, July 12, 2024

Tucker Carlson’s Re-Interview Of Capitol Police Chief Stephen Sund Is An Eye-Opener

A lot of the substance of the Tucker Carlson-Stephen Sund interview, something which has now become a political phenomenon of sorts in America after parts of the initial interview leaked out onto the Internet earlier this month, is already largely known.

But now the entire story is out there. It can’t be suppressed. And the regime narrative about January 6 is riding on very wobbly wheels.

Just to catch you up in case you’re not fully aware of all of this, Sund is the former chief of the Capitol Police in Washington, the man who was in charge of security at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 when a mass protest against the irregularities surrounding the 2020 presidential election turned into a riot inside the building.

The official story that social media platforms – pressured by the federal government in a direct violation of the First Amendment, as the Missouri v. Biden case has already proved even before it’s come to a verdict – have enforced compliance with is that the mob was unruly, organic and amounted to anti-American insurrection, and that in the riot Donald Trump instigated five people were killed including several Capitol Police officers.

Very little of that narrative has survived scrutiny even though the January 6 Committee convened by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and constituted without Republican participation – she appointed a pair of NeverTrumper Republicans in Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, both of whom were on their way out of elective politics, rather than allow the GOP leadership to put real investigators like Jim Jordan and Jim Banks – did what it could to enforce that story.

Sund has a much different story to tell. He was the man in charge of security that day and he was not given the resources it was known he needed in order to secure the building. And the events of January 6, 2021 were not as they have been described.


Carlson interviewed Sund for his Fox News show several months ago and delved into the anomalies and irregularities surrounding that day. Sund, in that interview, noted that the crowd on January 6 was crawling with federal agents, there were obvious agents provocateur goading the protesters into the building, the entire intelligence and security apparatus of the federal government and the local government in Washington, DC intentionally stood down and allowed the riot to get out of control, and that apparatus was then turned against efforts to tell the truth about what happened that day.

The initial Fox News interview never aired. Carlson was fired the day it was to air.

And this is the re-interview of Stephen Sund, who has written a book about his experiences.