Sunday, December 03, 2023

A Sacred Trust Has Been Replaced With Sacrificial Lambs

When I was a kid, Saturday mornings were all about cartoons. Not the politically correct, hokey cartoons of today. We had Foghorn Leg Horn (my favorite), the Roadrunner and the Coyote, Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Mr. Magoo, etc. Yes, they were violent, but funny violent. Somehow as kids back then we understood that a cartoon was only a cartoon. When the coyote bought another failed tool from Acme and fell thousands of feet we understood it wasn’t real and that he didn’t die. When Foghorn hit the dog over the head with a two by four, we knew it was a cartoon. Real violence was separate and we were intelligent enough to understand that. In fact, In my humble opinion, watching those cartoons had a strange way of putting things in perspective.

We laughed, and because we laughed we didn’t cry.

Saturday mornings were things our parents trusted. They knew that we weren’t being corrupted, we were being entertained and there is a huge difference.

The feeling was EXACTLY the same when we went to the library. Trust me, when my parents knew I was going to the library they were thrilled. They had absolutely no concerns, their minds were at peace and our minds were being enriched.

Today, there is no such respite for parents or children, even at school libraries. Scholastic, which USED TO BE a publishing company that parents could trust, has gulped down then LGBTQ Kool Aid. Now instead of promoting civility, fun and age-appropriate topics, the company has not leaned into, but jumped into the leftist slime world of perversion.

Yes, Scholastic has made the switch from education to indoctrination, and they are not hiding the shameful transition. Liberty Counsel 501, released a report that their CEO Dick Robinson, who passed away in 2021, made the following proclamation:

“We believe Scholastic can make the greatest impact by continuing to promote the work of LGBTQIA+ creators in our publishing, including the support and amplification of transgender and non-binary voices. This year, eight of the ten most challenged books on the American Library Association’s Most Challenged Books List were there because of LGBTQIA+ content, and we are proud that two of them were published by Scholastic: Raina Telgemeier’s “Drama” and Alex Gino’s “George,” the #1 most challenged book of last year.”

Scholastic should be ashamed, instead their proud of the fact that they have contributed to the deterioration of society. The most vulnerable prey are our children and the left is infiltrating their minds slowly and methodically one day at a time..

Liberty Counsel 501 is a religious liberty organization that engages in litigation related to evangelical Christian values. They have shown the current bio of Chief Inclusion Officer, Lindsey Cotter which insists that she “devotes her full attention and focus to developing and implementing Scholastic’s five-part Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) strategy, which is a core priority for the company.”

Chief Inclusion Officer?  Wait, …. They also have a “Read With Pride: Educator, Caregiver, and Advocate Resources for Supporting LGBTQIA+ Youth and Books,” which is a resource that defines books as “LGBTQIA+ Family Member, Lesbian/Sapphic, Gay, Bi/Pan, Transgender, Nonbinary/Gender Fluid, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, and ARO/ACE/Demi.

Scholastic, has their own recommended “Bookroom List” which includes “Smile,” a graphic novel by Telgemeier with “sexual material” labeled from children grades five to eight.Bottom of Form

The report also states that: “These children ages nine to fourteen are told to believe that their parents are evil and homophobic if they don’t agree with the LGBTQ agenda.”

“Classroom teachers and early childhood directors actively use Scholastic Book Clubs to allow students to purchase the company’s books. Teachers are also given free books and resources delivered directly to their classrooms. Scholastic Book Fairs are weeklong in-school events where the company provides the books, planning tools, and display cases and are run by volunteer parents, teachers, and school librarians.”

Matt Staver, who founded Liberty Counsel had this to say about Scholastic:

“Scholastic is now complicit in creating the classroom as a factory for the LGBTQ agenda. Innocent children should not be subject to this radical propaganda. Parents and school officials should take a stand and pull these books out of the schools.”

Staver is correct, the average person would be shocked at the amount of LGBTQ propaganda that is provided to influence young minds. The left isn’t just making this garbage available, they are actively pushing students to ignore their biological gender. The LGBTQ agenda is not normal and transgenderism is the outright refusal to accept reality. So schools are literally promoting the acceptance of mental illness.

The next time a liberal tells you to follow the science, laugh in their face.