Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Adventures in Clown World: August 2023 edition

August was an interesting month. From the Trump mugshot to the GOP presidential debate and everything else in-between, lots of crazy

1. 12 Year-old kicked out of class for Gadsden Flag Patch

A 12 year-old student in Colorado Springs went viral about a week ago over social media. His school teacher kicked him out of class for having a Gadsden flag on his backpack. For reference, the Gadsden flag was a symbol from the revolutionary war.

However, his school claimed that the student could not display the Gadsden flag due to its “origins with slavery”–which is not correct. Here is a video the student’s interaction with his school’s administration:

Fortunately, the school relented and allowed this student to display the Gadsden flag in the end. However, it’s a disturbing reality that we’re living in when American schools are trying to ban historical symbols.

2. COVID Masks have Cancer-causing Plastics?

Unfortunately, COVID-19 fearmongering is making a reemergence. Several universities have reinstated mask mandates for the start of the school year, and some healthcare providers are forcing employees/patients to wear masks.

With the potential for mandates coming back, I wanted to remind everyone of the health consequences of wearing masks. According to a South Korean study, N-95 masks expose wearers to cancer-causing plastics. You read that correctly. The masks that the American medical establishment pushed for multiple years could cause you cancer.

I don’t want to go through another year like 2020, and neither should you.

3. City of Chicago SUES Kia & Hyundai for criminals stealing cars?

Crime is out-of-control in Chicago. Over 30 people were shot over the Labor Day weekend, and car-jackings are a constant threat for ordinary citizens.

Even though criminals run rampant in Chicago, Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson does not blame criminals for committing crimes. Instead, he blames car manufacturers Kia and Hyundai for criminals stealing the vehicles of Chicago residents.

Don’t believe me, then read this quote from Mayor Johnson: “The impact of car theft on Chicago residents can be deeply destabilizing, particularly for low- to middle-income workers who have fewer options for getting to work and taking care of their families …The failure of Kia and Hyundai to install basic anti-theft prevention technology in these models is sheer negligence, and as a result, a citywide and nationwide crime spree around automobile theft has been unfolding right before our eyes.”

Consequently, Chicago’s city government decided to sue Kia and Hyundai for not implementing anti-theft technology into their older vehicle models. Other cities–including New York City and Milwaukee–have also sued both Kia and Hyundai over this issue.

I still have a hard time believing this story is true. But then again, we live in “Clown World” after all. Only in “Clown World” do elected officials make excuses for thugs committing crimes.