Sunday, December 03, 2023

Another Rino Shows His Horn

I don’t think Donald Trump, or any of us had any idea how deep the swamp was. Yes, Democrats make up the largest, murkiest and smelliest part of the drainage, but hidden in the shadows there are RINOS contributing their own type of hypocritical stink.

A prime example of can be found with Republican Representative Travis Clardy of the Texas House of Representatives. Clardy not only lies and deceives his constituents, he also lies to himself about his wokeness.

Clardy, claims that the schools in his district have no wokeness, I’m guessing allowing books filled with smut means something else to him. He then voted against school choice, which is convenient since his children already attend private school and as the Libs of TikTok discovered, he is well funded by teachers unions.

In an email to Clardy, the Libs of TikTok, after discovering smut in the schools in his district, asked him to comment on his vote against school choice.

The email read:

Esteemed Representative Clardy,

You recently voted against school choice. This means you want to fund public schools and force kids to attend those. Mr. Clardy, literally the first school we checked in your district had disturbing sexual books in it. These books are not appropriate for children. Nacogdoches High School has the books “Flamer,” “Me and Earl,” “The Dying Girl,” and “Blankets.” I have attached some samples of those books and I encourage you to view them.

Why do you believe parents should be forced to have their children exposed to this type of content? Shouldn’t parents have a choice to send their kids to a school that will not indoctrinate them into gender ideology? We are writing a story on this and would appreciate your comment. Our deadline is noon EST. tomorrow.


[email protected]

Here is his response:

The first thing that troubled the Libs of TikTok is that he responded to them from a different email than they had contacted him at. He then requested that they only contact him going forward at his campaign account. Immediately, they suspected that the move was to avoid open record requests. Not to worry though, they took care of that detail by responding back to his official state email and included a screen shot of his reply. That allows it to be sealed in the public record.

The next thing that bothered them was his abject denial of the woke, smut, material they had found in schools within his district. He was looking at the proof and yet still denying it.

Finally, and most disturbing, were the donations that were found from individuals and organizations that openly promote public education and are against school choice.

For instance, The Charles Butt Public Education PAC has donated a substantial amount of money to his campaign. Their clear goal is to “pursue a public education policy and advocacy mission.”

The association of Texas Professional Educators donated $5,000 to his campaign. In their section of the 2023 Legislative Priorities, they left no doubt that they despise the idea of school choice, to the extent that they oppose vouchers, tax credits or receiving a scholarship.

Lastly, the Texas State Teachers Association a branch of the National Education Association (NEA), a rabidly woke group that fought hard to keep schools closed during Covid kicked in $2,000 to Clardy’s till.

In total, Clardy garnered over $25,000 from child and parent hating organizations. Their goal is to indoctrinate young minds with unscientific vile and to keep loving parents from preventing it.  Clardy is now an accomplice. He has aided and abetted the pond scum and by doing so has become part of the filth himself.