Friday, July 12, 2024

The Connection Between Automatic Voting and Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Aliens

The playbook is simple but deadly. Woke leftist Democrats are working tirelessly to build insurmountable voting advantages in enough states to ensure one party rule in perpetuity.

They’re closer to achieving their goal than you might think.

Right now, their efforts are focused on the six battleground states and Texas, and they’re making steady, incremental progress.

Buried in the news of the day was an item out of Pennsylvania that anyone obtaining or renewing a driver’s license or state ID card would automatically be registered to vote. Pennsylvania becomes the 24th state with automatic voter registration.

Using the well-honed Democratic tactic of gaslighting, Governor Josh Shapiro had this to say about his new executive order. “I’m committed to ensuring free and fair elections that allow every eligible voter to make their voice heard. Automatic voter registration is a commonsense step to ensure election security and save Pennsylvanians time and tax dollars.”

Obviously, Shapiro isn’t committed to free and fair elections at all. If he really did care about election integrity, he would issue executive orders addressing the numerous allegations of voter fraud in the rigged 2020 election, including silencing the NRA, weaponizing Big Tech, counting ineligible ballots, ballot trafficking, failing to enforce ballot signature requirements and illegally extending the voting deadline. Instead, Shapiro deceptively virtue signals while hiding his true intention, which is to pave the road for adding more ineligible voters to the voter rolls.

Without knowing the outcome in advance, I would have bet money that an online search would reveal a parallel effort to provide driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in Pennsylvania.

I was not disappointed.

In the Pennsylvania legislature’s 2021 session, 48 House Democrats sponsored a bill that would have allowed illegal aliens to obtain a driver’s license. A leftist group, Driving PA Forward, which describes itself as “a coalition of organizations working to push the state legislature to approve Driver’s License legislation to allow everyone in PA to drive safely and legally,” was behind the effort. The group contends that licensing all drivers would make the roads safer, lower insurance costs and provide aliens with an easier path to get a job and pay taxes.

Naturally, all the misleading rhetoric hides the more sinister reason they want to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. They hope to use the driver’s license database as a method to massively expand the Democrat voter rolls.

Sanctimonious woke leftists will bang the table, raise their voices and argue that an illegal with a license isn’t a registered voter, but 2020 and 2022 proved that maintaining accurate voting rolls in heavily blue counties is virtually impossible. Does anyone honestly think that a radical leftist working in Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Driver Licensing is going to tick the “ineligible to vote” box when the illegal applies for his driver’s license?

While HB279 eventually failed in committee, as we know, leftist dogmatists never go away. The bill was reintroduced in the 2023 legislative session, and Driving PA Forward is encouraging its supporters to “push Representative Ed Neilson to bring HB769 to a vote in committee.”

How We Lose Elections

As of today, 19 states allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses, while 24 states now have automatic voter registration. Sixteen states give illegals licenses and also provide automatic voter registration. Does it surprise you that every one of those states voted Democrat in the 2020 presidential election?

Most of these states claim there is a firewall between voting and drivers license issuance, and some, like Nevada, actually have a different category for these licenses. The methods various states use to ensure the integrity of the voter rolls are nebulous and provide ample opportunities for manipulation by someone with an agenda.

Colorado is one of those states. Despite repeated assurances that illegal aliens with driver’s licenses would never be able to vote, Colorado admitted to sending out 30,000 voter registration forms to illegals. The Secretary of State blamed the error on a glitch in the driver’s license database.

But I thought those lists were segregated, and the driver’s license database would never be co-mingled with the voter registration database.


In California, up to 1,500 illegals were registered to vote after the DMV admitted there was a “processing error.”

These are the errors the respective states were forced to admit because there was a paper trail of evidence. Still, it makes one wonder how many “errors” are committed within a closed, unmonitored government intranet computer system? You know what I mean; a keystroke here and a keystroke there, and suddenly there are a whole lot of illegal aliens on the voter rolls.

The Left Moves Like a Relentless Glacier

These kind of relentless attacks on the integrity of our elections in the name of “fairness” erode voter confidence and ratchet up the sense of frustration on the part of everyday Americans. If woke leftists want to eliminate claims of election fraud and rigged elections, the answer is very simple: Paper ballots, voter ID and a copy of a valid ID returned with a mail in ballot.

The fact that the left won’t consider such reasonable measures to assuage the fears of the opposition says one thing: They want to reserve the right to cheat. Licenses for illegals and automatic voter registration move us in the opposite direction of election integrity.

Get off the couch, patriots in Pennsylvania. You must do more than complain and attend rallies. There is some heavy lifting to be done if we want to save this great nation. You must not allow your state to issue driver’s licenses to law breaking illegal aliens.