Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Eternal Salvation Is Out, Juneteenth Is In

We are approaching the 84th anniversary of a celebrated Winston Churchill quote. On October 1, 1939, in a radio address concerning the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, Churchill described Russia as “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”

At the time, it was a very accurate description of Russia. Well, I can now offer you a quote that is at least as accurate concerning the liberal left. The radical left represents “ignorance wrapped in bigotry inside of deception.”

You have to admit it, that’s a great description of the clowns that gave us the term woke, while they go through life in a daze. While we’re at it, let’s give Democratic liberals credit for two more expressions that they have reinvigorated, “liar, liar pants on fire,” and “monkey see, monkey do.”

It’s the “monkey see, monkey do” idea that I’m concerned with here. Libs have a tendency to duplicate the mistakes of other liberals, and before you know it, the media picks it up, hails an idiotic idea as great, and the average American is left holding the bag.

Emory Healthcare (EHC), the largest healthcare system in Georgia, has decided that for the purpose of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), to replace Christmas Eve with Juneteenth as a paid employee holiday.

In an August 31st memo posted online, EHC CEO Joon Sup Lee wrote, “We hope this will allow more opportunities for celebration, reflection, and education. Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Emory Healthcare (EHC) is about creating an environment of true belonging for our patients and team members, while ensuring equitable outcomes for all.”

Lee added: “To minimize impact to patient care, we will not be adding another paid holiday to our calendars. Rather, beginning January 2024, we will remove Christmas Eve from our holiday calendar and replace it with Juneteenth. For each observed holiday, our clinics and business offices close, which means our patients are unable to make clinic appointments for those days. To minimize impact to patient care, we will not be adding another paid holiday to our calendar.”

The change came after EHC supposedly solicited feedback from employees on it’s holiday schedule. However, a more likely reason is that ever since left-wing Joe Biden declared Juneteenth a federal holiday in 2021, private companies have come under pressure to name it as a paid holiday as well.

Lee has to be aware that Christmas Eve is one of the most cherished Christian holidays of the year. A holiday that brings families together and in many cases involves much time-consuming planning and very often travel to arrange. This is a typical passive aggressive radical left move. Make a change that you know will cause anger and division but lie and disguise it as a supposed move to increase diversity and inclusion.

Edwina Clanton is the president of the Emory County chapter of the NAACP. She can see through the illusion and is concerned that it will spur anger from Christians towards blacks. “I’m sure it will put anger in some hearts. Why do we have to do this? Why can’t we have our old holidays off? Some more consideration, even asking the employees which days you want to give up, that may have worked better.”

She’s absolutely correct. There will be resentment, but Lee and his administrative staff already know this. In fact, friction and division is exactly what they want.

Erick Erickson hosts a three-hour weekday talk show on WSB 95.5 FM and 750 AM in Atlanta, which is syndicated to other radio stations around the U.S. He blasted Emory for this mindless change. “Exactly who did Emory listen to? I assure you most of the black women there will now have to work on Christmas Eve and then go home to do the Christmas cooking. I know a lot of them. My wife has been going there for 7 years. Good grief.”

Of Course, Janet Christenbury, who is the director of media relations for Emory, gave the typically naïve and canned explanation for the change. In an interview with Becker’s Hospital Review she stated that the system wants to support “our diverse communities.”

“In response to requests from our care team members over the past few years, we are pleased to add Juneteenth to the holidays we recognize. At Emory Healthcare, we strive to support our employees and our diverse communities in recognizing holidays that are meaningful and important to them.”

Emory has over 24,000 employees and if Lee and his spokesperson Christenbury really think that anyone believes that the majority wanted this change, they need to think again. I’m betting that anyone who wanted Juneteenth added, had no idea that Christmas Eve would be sacrificed.

Like I said, “Ignorance wrapped in bigotry inside of deception.”

Merry Christmas!