Saturday, December 02, 2023

“Gender Games” School Has More Genders Than Kids Can Count

It’s a very sad fact, but many children today are well under their learning grade percentile levels in important subjects such as math, reading, and writing. The left and the media loves to blame covid and the lockdowns, which need I remind you, they created.

The lockdowns obviously never should have happened, and of course any disruption for that length of time will affect the learning capacity of students. Still, since the kids have returned to the classrooms, they are not being taught the subjects they need. Instead, teachers aren’t teaching. Now they see themselves as a combination of social justice warrior and preacher, and the sermons they preach ad nauseum is that of the woke left’s insanity.

A perfect case in point, is the smoke that the Davis Joint Unified School District (DJUSD) in California, is blowing into the faces of their students. These wackos have gone totally into the Twilight Zone and are teaching the students that there are not two, not three, not four, but thirteen (13) genders. That’s correct folks, the tax dollars in that school district are being spent on destroying the sexual reality and thought process of vulnerable kids.

These lessons are based on the sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression or the “SOGIE” approach to sexuality. What is SOGIE? Great question, here’s how Ivanka Custodio, an LGBTIQ+ rights activist from the organization Camp Queer explained it:

“SOGIESC, or more commonly known as SOGIE, celebrates and recognizes the diversity of an individual’s gender and sexuality. It’s often used in human rights discussions to describe yong aspects ng pagkatao ng mga tao. [These have something] to do with how they express themselves, who they love or how they connect with other people, or how they live their truths.”

Right, …. OK then.  Anyway, back to DJUSD and their thirteen-gender insanity.

The Libs of TikTok uncovered an email that a parent received from the principal explaining the ridiculous thirteen gender lie. In The Lessons, children are exposed  to terms like agender, bigender, tri-gender, pangender, trans, non-binary and two spirit people. You can view the actual email here.

Cutting through the ridiculousness of this, one simple, but very prominent fact remains. None of this should even be discussed, far less taught in a public school. While these woke fools are working to convince impressionable kids, all of the real subjects are suffering. One, from a lack of time spent on them while this nonsense is being pushed, and the fact that this crap is a major distraction. It’s hard enough to get a child focused, and it’s even harder to try and get them thinking about math or reading after hearing a sermon about these lies.

Also, how in the hell can a teacher provide a believable science lesson when they have spent so much time ignoring the science and truth about binary genders?

My advice to all parents in that school district, or any district that is corrupting their children’s minds is to grab their kids and run, not walk, to the nearest exit. The rise in children identifying as transgender is NOT because they are transgender. It’s because adults in authority have planted perversion into their impressionable minds. The planting of that seed, plus woke society’s insistence that the perversion be accepted, makes it easier to fall into a dangerous, life altering trap.

Stop paying for this insanity. Pull your child out of the school and do whatever is necessary to get their educational experience back on track.