Friday, May 24, 2024

Meloni caves on Mass Immigration

Last year, Italian politician Giorgia Meloni was the darling of conservative pundits in the National Conservative (“Nat Con”)/European populist circles (side note: my rule of thumb is to not support anyone whom Rod Dreher praises).

Meloni became Italy’s prime minister in Fall 2022 following the country’s parliamentary elections that year. Throughout her campaign, she made numerous promises about ending Italy’s immigration crisis and securing the country’s border. Meloni said all of the right things to appeal to Italy’s conservative, populist voters who are sick of 3rd-world aliens invading their country.

On the flip side, Far-Left political media falsely framed Meloni as a “fascist” last year. Some news outlets feared that her government would become Italy’s most extreme, Far-right government since the 1940s. As usual, the Left’s fear-mongering lies were flat-out wrong, but not in the way you likely thought.

Turns out, both the Nat-Con types or the Far-Left hacks were wrong about Meloni. In recent months, Prime Minister Meloni has completely caved on her promises to stop Italy’s mass immigration crisis.

In fact, Politico remarked that Meloni supported legislation that could bring in over 1.5 million legal immigrants into Italy As a reminder, Italy’s population is roughly 58 million people.

Besides her weak stance on legal immigration, illegal immigration has gotten even worse under Meloni’s first year as Prime Minister. Illegal border crossings from the Meditternean have doubled in the past year–according to Italian government stats.

The following videos highlight how much of a huge issue Mass Immigration is for Italy:

What’s most remarkable about Meloni is how she sold out her country in under a year as Prime Minister. That’s quite a short turn-around in becoming a sell-out on the pressing issues of mass immigration in Italy.

Besides her complete flip-flop on immigration, Prime Minister Meloni also supports the corrupt Ukrainian regime in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. She even stated during a speech with her pal Zelensky that “the battle being fought by Ukrainians is a battle for all of us”.

At this point, what makes Meloni any different than any European liberal politician or a NATO shill. She is not an “Italy First” nationalist. She is a grifting politician who’s sold out her voting base and her nation.

Instead of addressing Italy’s cratering birth rate and demographic woes, Meloni caved to the globalist business interests in her country by bringing in waves of legal immigrants to her country. In effect, Prime Minister Meloni is supporting the replacement of native Italians with immigrants.

Unfortunately, Meloni’s betrayal is not a unique situation. In the United States, “America First” patriots are constantly betrayed by the Establishment hacks within the Republican party. Meloni should serve as a cautious tale to American patriots about trusting into the faux nationalist-populists that the Right-wing Establishment is starting to trot out (e.g. Joe Kent in the 2022 mid-terms).

Christian Conservative, America First nationalists must keep pushing forward until our elected officials represent OUR interests and beliefs. It’s now or never.