Saturday, December 02, 2023

No More Jabs. Study Shows Fully Boosted Men Lose 24 Years of Life Expectancy

Full disclosure, I am not vaccinated and never will be. I also did not and will not wear a mask. They are totally useless and nothing more than social theatre, as is social distancing and lockdowns.  Ask yourself these revealing questions and be honest with yourself when you answer them. If the vaccine was effective, why was there a need for even one booster, far less five of them? Why has the sudden death rate skyrocketed in age categories that are the least vulnerable? Why have doctors and coroners reported huge increases in blood clot formation? Why did the FAA quietly change its heartbeat parameters for pilots that were vaccinated because under the old guidelines they would have been grounded? Why is there documented proof of immune system damage that causes those that are vaccinated and boosted to be more vulnerable to every disease, including covid? Lastly, why is there yet another booster shot just recently being marketed and why is the public being told that it is safe for children six months old and above, when they are in NO DANGER to be unvaccinated?

The answer to all of these questions is that most, not all, of the governments of the world, along with certain elite groups intend to drastically reduce the population of the world. Now, if that sounds like the stuff that makes up a conspiracy theory, I suggest you read on. As you do, keep in mind that the results from this vaccine are already frightening and we have no idea what the long-term effects will be. The American public has been duped and kept in total darkness about these injections. However, the real truth is slowly getting out, so this is an opportunity to look past the lies and to reassess your thoughts on these dangerous jabs.

A year ago, Australians that were doubly vaccinated were 11 percent more likely to catch Omicron than someone that is unvaxed. Now they are 20 times more likely and those that have been triple vaxed or more are thirty-five more likely according to the latest NSW statistics.

Now, researchers studying official data from the CDC and the UK government to determine the long-term effects of mRNA Jabs have made a startling discovery.

The study’s original intent was to learn how long the negative side effects took to reduce after a person was injected. So the study, even before it began, acknowledged that negative effects were happening, they were trying to learn how long they lasted. However, they learned that the damage doesn’t reduce over time and instead it remains for an indefinite period of time and increases with each injection.

The CDC All Cause Mortality data clearly indicated that each vaccine injection increased the mortality rate by seven percent, per shot, per year. Since the study  also learned that the human body can’t recover from any number of mRNA jabs and boosters, they refer to the vaccines and boosters as a “slow-acting genetic poison.”

If you use the data from the calendar year 2021 as a basis for comparison, a person who received five shots would be 350 percent more likely to die in 2031, 700 percent more likely to die in 2041, and 1,050 percent more likely to die in 2051 than someone that wasn’t vaccinated. Using a 30-year-old male as an example, these would be the results.

  • 1 shot reduced the life expectancy of 30-year-old men by 13 years.
  • 2 shots reduced the life expectancy of 30-year-old men by 18 years.
  • 3 shots reduced the life expectancy of 30-year-old men by 20 years.
  • 4 shots reduced the life expectancy of 30-year-old men by 23 years.
  • 5 shots reduced the life expectancy of 30-year-old men by 24 years.

More clearly explained, the average lifespan of an American male is currently 80 years. However, a male with two vaccines and three booster jabs would have their life expectancy reduced to 56 years of age.

The data also indicated that the vaccine is not effective against the current strain of covid and as stated before, more jabs will do nothing but continue to damage the person’s immune system. Last year in the U.K., 92% of Covid Deaths in 2022 Were Triple+ Vaxxed.

This is a deliberate deception perpetrated by people that are pure evil. There are times to be complacent, and others when complacency is dangerous and life threatening. These bogus shots are definitively a case for the latter.

Trust your instincts and the data. Say no, to any additional shots.