Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Nothing Says Family Friendly Like Genital Shaped Waffles

I’ve never been much of a pancake or waffle fan. To be honest, I’m not much of a breakfast person at all. The one exception is when my kids were young they loved banana and chocolate chip pancakes. When I made those, I occasionally would indulge in a few.

That said, only liberals could turn something as innocent as waffles into something disgusting. At what was called a “family friendly” gay Latinx event, one of the main snacks were waffles shaped like both male and female genitalia. I’ve seen photos of them and trust me, they’re fairly well detailed.

A sign at the booth selling the waffles gave instructions on how to order them.

Step One: Choose Your Shape.

Step Two: Choose Your “Dippin” Sauce, White Chocolate or Chocolate Milk.

Step Three: Choose Your “Drippin,” Condensed Milk, Nutella Sauce, Dulce De Leche, Caramel Sauce.

Step Four: Choose Your “Toppin” M & M’s, Oreo Cookies, Almonds, Coconut, Sprinkles, Gummies, Mini Marshmal

For a dollar extra you could add fruit, strawberries, or peaches.

The event was held at the Reverchon Recreation Center, located in a public park. Some of the debauchery that was uncovered was reported on by The Republic Observer, who had undercover observers at the event to see for themselves how family friendly the festival was. They described one scene this way:

“Drag queen belts out “suck my d***” before twerking in lingerie at a family friendly Latinx Pride event that took place in Dallas this past Saturday.”

They also reported that BDSM gear was for sale as well as other sexualized items. Free Monkeypox vaccines were provided for those that cared to indulge.

No depraved festival is complete without disparaging someone’s religion and at this pit, LGBTQ activists were chanting “Jesus was a drag queen.” Which is another reason why I cringe when I hear about a church holding a “drag mass.” To me it’s totally disrespectful and feeds the arrogance of these individuals.

Sara Gonzales, a Blaze TV host also was in attendance and reported:

“From condom giveaways to explicit candles being on display and within reach of children, this festival was NOT all ages friendly.”

Depravity is an integral part of the liberal DNA. These festivals aren’t celebrations, they use them to exploit their perversions and to hopefully corrupt a young or naïve mind. What does it say about a society that will hassle people praying near an abortion clinic, but will allow these types of disgusting displays to take place?

Hopefully, most parents will keep themselves as well as their children away from snake pits like this. This isn’t inclusion, this is a lost society condoning immorality and no matter what the left says, it’s just wrong … Period!