Saturday, May 18, 2024

Public Library Unapologetically Plans A Pajama And Sex Book Party

This is not the first column that I have written about Emily Drabinski, the current socialist president of the American Library Association, or the sad state of our public libraries. Judging on the tone of her leadership and the ridiculous ideas that are being born from it, I doubt it will be the last.

Drabinski openly describes herself as a “Marxist lesbian.” She also openly states that she wants to turn school and public libraries into centers of radical agitation. She attended the Socialism 2023 Conference in Chicago that ran from September 1st to the 3rd, which was organized by over seventy socialist organizations. At one panel that she attended she told the speakers that she agreed with:

“your point that public education needs to be a site of socialist organizing. I think libraries really do too. Classroom libraries, but also school libraries of all kinds. There’s a real opportunity here to both connect what’s happening in public education with what’s happening in libraries.”

She then added, “We need to be on the agenda of socialist organizing,”

Drabinski is the perfect example of a super radical leftist that is TOTALLY delusional. She has lost ANY ability to connect with the reality of a situation. Instead, she spins the fact that parents are sick and tired of radicals trying to push inappropriate reading material down the throats of their children, into a claim of book banning by conservatives.  

Drabinski is a perverted and extremely bitter individual. She is the type of person that pulls the wings off of flies in her spare time. She despises people that she refers to as the “Christo-fascist right” as an “angry white mob parents organized to get a book off a library shelf.”

In her delusional and disturbed mind, she believes that the reason for this is  because parents “don’t want black people, Jewish people, gay people to exist at all.”

Curiously, Drabinski herself has her own reasons for wanting smut on library shelves. In an article in 2009, she admitted that she first began to identify as a lesbian after reading a library book about two women having “fantastic queer sex in a field.”  According to her own confession, at the time she was a teenager, “around 14.”

Under this type of leadership, libraries have become emboldened to do basically whatever they want. Which includes the open attempt to indoctrinate small children. In Bartlett Tennessee, a public library actually planned to host a “pajama party” for children where they would be exposed to sexually explicit picture books.

According to the event description, the Memphis Public Libraries were calling out for children as young as thirteen years old to “channel their inner children and come read some of the most controversial picture books of the year.”

This blatant attempt to expose children to perversion was just a part of the library’s Democracy, Diversity and Discourse” program and was scheduled to be held at the Bartlett Library. There was also going to be a contest, God knows what that would have consisted of, and the winner would receive a copy of “Gender Queer,” a pornographic book that was voted the number one most controversial book of the year.

Shelby County Commissioner, Mick Wright, learned about the event from a concerned mother. In an interview with KWAM, a news talk radio station in Memphis, Wright told the show host Ben Deeter that the event repulsed him. He also stated that the event was organized by a failed Bartlett school board candidate that was backed by Democrats.

“They’re wanting 13-year-olds to come in their sleepwear to look at sexually explicit pictures together, noting that snacks were also going to be provided. They’re luring kids in with snacks to look at these suggestive pictures. It’s very disturbing.”

Fortunately, once Deeter became aware of the library’s plans and exposed them, the event was cancelled.

Deeter expressed some relief by saying, “Thankfully, there are at least some adults in the library system that saw this was inappropriate. The level of indoctrination here is incredible.”

The radio host continued, “Nobody is banning anything. We’re saying these are age-appropriate materials. I’m glad the library canceled the event, but there’s still one question burning in my mind. Why would grown adults invite children to dress up in their pajamas and invite them to an after-hours library party where you expose them to sexually explicit materials?”

If you had any doubts about the lengths that the left was willing to go to in order to indoctrinate your children, you can dispense with them now. They are becoming more emboldened every day and seem intent on bringing the fight to us.

Our children’s future is at stake, as is that of the country. We can’t be lethargic in our pursuit of right and wrong. Winning against monsters like this won’t be enough, we need to shatter their perverted agenda so completely that it never rears its ugly head again.