Saturday, December 09, 2023

Remember When Kicking A Habit Meant Not Doing It?

Addiction and homelessness are tough topics to talk about. Many times the two are connected since people often become homeless once they become addicted to drugs. That’s why San Francisco’s “safe use” spaces do more harm than good. Last week, a group of liberal “do-gooders” set up two of the so called “safe use” drug sites under the guise of preventing overdoses and deaths. However, all they did was prolong the agony of addicts that came there. Oh sure, they may have provided them with clean injections for a few hours or one day, but they did absolutely nothing to address the root issue. That being these people are addicted to drugs and you are providing them with drugs.

Anytime leftists break the law, they use language to sugar coat the act. They like to call this civil disobedience. Unfortunately, civil disobedience is defined as refusing to obey a law, a regulation or a power judged unjust in a peaceful manner. Civil disobedience is, considered a form of resistance without violence. Selling drugs is illegal, so providing them to admitted drug addicts is therefore also illegal. If a drug dealer sold an addict drugs, but stuck around to make sure he used clean water and didn’t overdose, would that be considered nothing more than a good deed? Would that hold up in court? Would they get off because it was only a civil disobedience?

“Safe use” spaces are not safe. Liberals love to see themselves as heroes, so they do these ridiculous things and then pat themselves on the back and walk around acting like they cured cancer.

Hillary Ronen is a Marxist politician and attorney that is a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from District 9. She had this to say:

“We just want to show this isn’t scary. This isn’t nefarious. We’re doing this out in the open. It’s just watching people to make sure they don’t die. That’s all it is.”

Just because you set up visible tents in an alley, that doesn’t mean that the intent wasn’t nefarious.

Lydia Bransten, is another one of these delusional leftists that is pushing for these sites. She is the Gubbio Project Executive Director, an organization that caters to the needs of the homeless.

“This is a public response to the fact that there are nearly three people a day dying of overdoses in San Francisco. While we continue to talk about how to best prevent loss of life, people continue to die, so today is a day of action, where we are saying, “Look how easy this is.’ It’s a very simple response to a complicated issue.”

She’s correct about one thing, it is a simple response, from simple minds. What these deranged people see as helping, is nothing more than accommodating an addiction.

The event was held on “International Overdose Awareness Day,” so it’s window dressing for liberals. San Francisco is currently on pace to have its highest overdose rate ever. The highest previous year was 2020, when there were 725 overdoses. So far in the first half of this year, 473 people have died from drug abuse.

Liberals love to ignore the fact that 80 percent of those deaths involved fentanyl, an opioid that is 50 times more powerful than heroin. A drug which is pouring in over the wide-open borders courtesy of Joe Biden and his liberal island of misfits.

That’s what I mean about not attacking the root causes of the abuse. People like Bransten and the other leftist losers would be the first ones out there wearing their diapers, face paint and carrying signs to keep the borders open. That way the drug cartels can continue to flood American neighborhoods with fentanyl, people can continue to die and they get to have photo ops at these stupid, pop-up drug give aways.

What’s next? Will Democrats find alcoholics, get them drunk and provide taxi’s so they can brag about reducing DUI’s and alcohol related accidents?

There is a method of approaching these issues that’s called tough love. First, close the borders. If people really want to enter the Country they can do it legally. In fact, if they don’t enter legally, they don’t get in. Next, instead of putting up tents to supply illegal drugs under supervision, promote ways and methods for people to connect with long term drug treatment.

You don’t start fires or make them worse so you look better when you put them out. Nor do you start wars so you can brag about ending them, that is of course unless you’re a liberal Democrat.