Tuesday, September 26, 2023

School District Erases “Christmas” And “Easter” From School Calendar

Think Christians aren’t under attack?  Think again.  One school board in Minnesota has decided that even using the Christian name for the holidays of Christmas and Easter is somehow wrong.

Yes ladies and gentleman, the state that brought you Ilhan Omar, who continuously bad mouths and ridicules the United States, now has a school board that refers to Christmas break as the generic winter break, and Easter break as spring break.

Brainerd Public Schools, who’s name is an obvious oxymoron, has decided that even though our country was founded on Christian values, that using the names of Christian holidays on their School calendar does not lend itself to equity and diversity.

Tim Murtha, the school district’s Director of Teaching and Learning, gave this totally lame explanation for the change to school board members.

“The intent here was that we’re recognizing that we’re a diverse community with many different beliefs and that we wanted to make sure that we weren’t creating a condition where we were excluding someone unnecessarily from feeling a full participant in the community that’s Brainerd Public Schools.”

Murtha hid under the umbrella of: “the district’s commitment to equity signed in July 2021, along with the definition of inclusion as brought forth by the district’s Equity Task Force.”

Obviously, not everyone agrees with the change. DJ Dondelinger, one of the new board members openly voiced his dissatisfaction with the change:

“We’re a Christian country, built on Christian values. We may not be today, I’m not saying everyone’s a Christian, but if you and I took a job in Saudi Arabia, we probably wouldn’t be upset that Christmas wasn’t on the schedule. If we were in Israel, I don’t think it’d be upsetting that Christmas wasn’t on the calendar. And that’s just what this country was built on.”

It isn’t a stretch to believe that this change was brought on by the Muslim population in Minnesota. Here’s the problem, all the school board has accomplished is that they have further alienated the two groups. Inclusion is fine, but inclusion by eliminating Christian holidays in a nation founded on Christianity is blasphemy.

The left continues to confuse diversity with division. By making these mindless changes, they are stripping Christians of something that they literally worship. Liberals do this for no other reason than to accommodate some thin-skinned snowflakes that can’t grasp the idea that they are living in America.

It’s time to recognize the “woke” for the haters they are, which means the rest of us will need to wake up and to start saying NO!

God Bless America!