Monday, December 11, 2023

“Trans-Species” Activists Bark Out Demands In Germany

Last week in Berlin, at the Potsdamer Platz Railway Station, a group of lunatics that identify as dogs and want to be called “pooches,” showed up to protest the country’s ban on bestiality. Howling and barking at each other, around 1,000 of these losers did very little to enhance their case.

How bad is your social life when you have to either don a dog mask or an even more elaborate costume to look for a date. It may sound cold, but when I was back in high school both guys and girls referred to people that weren’t their type as “dogs.” Who knew that society would deteriorate to the point where there are people actually craving the idea of either being an animal, having sex with an animal or both. Some even take it a step further as see themselves as mythological beings.

Bestiality is also known as Zoophilia and the organization behind trying to get it legalized is, Zoophiles for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (ZETA). In a pamphlet that they created for the event one quote read:

“Animals, which have been domesticated by humans for years, see people as pack members – the step from that to sexual partner is not large.”

Sorry, but yes it’s a huge step. The most famous of these mutts is a Japanese man that goes by the name of Toco. This mongrel actually paid approximately 2 million yen or over $13,000 for a life size collie costume that he crawls into and gets taken for walks in. He posts videos on YouTube and has around 52,000 followers.

Germany hasn’t cornered the market on this lunacy. Last August in Sydney, Australia, a Festival of Dangerous Ideas was held and one of the speakers was Professor Joanna Burke that presented a talk on the ethics of “Humans Loving Animals.”

Burke plans on expanding her lectures to include a modern history of sex between human and animals. She is hoping that those who attend will open their minds to the “changing meanings” of zoophilia and the ethics of “animal loving.”

On her website Burke states: “It is only in very recent years that some people have begun to undermine the absolute prohibition on zoo sexuality. Are their arguments dangerous, perverted or simply wrongheaded?”

This is obviously a sick and disgusting mental illness, yet in February of this year, Spain legalized bestiality. Their Minister of Social Rights, a dangerous leftist named Ione Belarra signed off on it. The madness doesn’t stop with Belarra. Last

September Irene Montero, the Minster of Equality of Spain, told the Spanish Congress that kids should legally be allowed to have sexual relations with grown adults.

Not unlike transgenders that fantasize they can be something that is biologically impossible, these canine wannabes picture themselves as Lassie. Although the idea of having a girlfriend or wife that would chase a ball is intriguing, having to take her out every few hours and trailing her with poop bags would get old quickly. Not to mention what a disaster going out to eat would be.

These people are undeniably mentally challenged and need to be told to Sit and Stay. Not to mention being kept on a very short leash.