Thursday, July 18, 2024

VIDEO: Tucker Interviews Larry Sinclair

This was one of the more off-the-wall things we’ve seen out of Tucker Carlson’s Twitter/X podcast, but it wasn’t a big surprise that it popped yesterday seeing as though Carlson teased it in an interview with Adam Carolla last week. Carlson noted that he was interviewing Sinclair about the allegation by the latter that he’d had sex and done cocaine with Barack Obama in 1999.

Sinclair’s allegations were always pretty credible, which is not to say he’s a particularly likable guy. He isn’t. He’s more your typical aggressively, irresponsibly sexual gay guy – and if you’re not gay you might well be a little grossed out by the risky lifestyle. And he’s an old guy with bad teeth who doesn’t present all that well. Of course, you aren’t going to get an immaculate presentation from somebody with a story like Sinclair has to sell.

The story Sinclair tells is this: he was in Chicago for a friend’s graduation from training at the naval base nearby, and he hired a limo to take him around town. And he told the limo driver he was looking for a gay hookup. The driver took him to a bar and put him together with Obama, who was then a state legislator in Illinois. Sinclair didn’t know any of that at the time.

He had a drink and flirted with Obama, and then mentioned that he wanted some cocaine. Obama, he says, knew where to get it. Sinclair paid him $250 and they did coke – Sinclair snorting, Obama smoking – in the back of the limo.

And then Sinclair performed oral sex on Obama.

Then the limo dropped Sinclair off at his hotel in Gurney, a suburb of Chicago. And the next morning, according to Sinclair, Obama showed back up at the hotel the next day for a second round of drugs and sex.

Sinclair says he had no idea who Obama was until he saw him on TV giving his famous speech at the 2004 Democrat National Convention. And in 2007, when Obama was admitting he had done cocaine in his younger years, he told Obama’s campaign that he could attest to a much later use of cocaine. He then got a phone call from someone named Donald Young, a gay man who was the choir director at Jeremiah Wright’s Chicago church, who said that he understood Obama and Sinclair had sex and admitted to Sinclair that he had a sexual relationship with Obama for years.

And two days before Christmas 2007, Donald Young was found shot dead in his apartment. The implication being that Young was killed to protect Obama from public disclosure about gay sexual relationships he may have had.

Sinclair made a YouTube video detailing the allegations; his YouTube account was compromised and the video was removed. He says his email was hacked. He also says that David Axelrod, Obama’s political guru, threatened reporters with excommunication if they even talked with him.

Is all of this true? Who knows?

What we can say is that nobody in Obama’s camp is deserving of the benefit of the doubt when they make denials or call Sinclair a nut, or whatever. Obama is a liar on a colossal scale, and in his employ as president were some of the most shameless liars in American political history.

And then there’s the letter Obama wrote to his old girlfriend in which he confessed to having desires for homosexual sex with men. We weren’t made aware of that when he was running for president back in 2008; that’s for sure.

That doesn’t constitute proof of anything. But it’s less easy to dismiss Sinclair’s allegations now that we know who his deniers are.

The interview goes 41 minutes and it’s as interesting now as Sinclair’s story was 15 years ago.