Saturday, December 02, 2023

A Letter From Israel

Some good friends of ours have friends that are living in Israel. Yesterday, they received this letter from them describing what is taking place there. Some of the figures that are given by the spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) regarding deaths and injuries have already risen, as have the acts of barbarianism.

As the letter writer states, at this time politics are secondary to the ruthlessness of these attacks on the citizens of Israel. This is not a battle of armies, this is the slaughter of innocent people including children and for that there is no justification, political or otherwise.

For those that people that despise Israel and are celebrating this, understand what you are supporting. These marauders are entering homes and killing entire families. At times dragging their bodies through the streets. War is brutal, but this isn’t war. This is mass murder and anyone, no matter what religious or political affiliation you have should never celebrate or support that.

Here is the letter:


Thanks to each and every one of you for your thoughtful messages of concern.

Instead of responding to everyone individually, I figured it would be easier to do this in one mail to everyone (and will copy to WhatsApp for those who have it).

As I said to those I replied to yesterday, we are perfectly fine (safe in our Triffon BUBBLE.) but horrified at the scenario unfolding before our eyes.

Here is a link of a report from the IDF International Spokesman (in English) from IDF’s Instagram page from last night:

WATCH: This is latest IDF briefing brought to you by LTC (Res.) Jonathan Conricus | Instagram

 This is obviously the most authentic source available – far more so than foreign news services (who are getting input from the Hamas itself and other dubious sources), not to mention the tons of “fake” news flooding social media.

Today, the missile attacks on Central Israel seem to have ceased, although they are still targeting the southern part of the country.

Thank god for Iron Dome which is indeed our lifesaver.

All yesterday – from 6:30 am till about 10pm – we had constant warning sirens and heard the explosions of Iron Dome shooting the missiles down (literally outside our windows).

Most people shelter in their “safe rooms” or bunkers, but although we have one, we never use it. We feel perfectly safe and prefer to be comfortable.

But the missiles are by far the lesser of a much greater evil and TRAVESTY !

The entire country is devastated to the core by the hundreds of armed Hamas terrorists who somehow, totally inexplicably, managed to infiltrate into the southern part of Israel – mysteriously overcoming the gigantic, sophisticated defense system of protection, in short – they did the IMPOSSIBLE!

They came with tractors, vehicles, scooters – all kinds of transportation, and all heavily armed.

There will of course be endless investigation into how this shameful infiltration occurred, but first the army has to finish clearing out all the “occupied” villages in the South, and then hitting Gaza harder than they ever dreamed – before this can be addressed.

The casualty count as of a couple of hours ago is over 600 DEAD (literally massacred in their homes!) and over 2,000 were injured.

This is a higher toll than most of our wars. And the count could rise as maybe not all families have been notified yet.

And they took between 30 – 100 hostages back into Gaza !!

The worst part of this unbelievable atrocity is that the majority of the civilian losses include toddlers, young kids, and even old and disabled !

They also attacked a huge party of young people and massacred most of them on the spot.  

I won’t sully this terrible time by raising political questions, and even the opposition (as is always the case when Israel is at war) have pledged their support to our much-hated extremist right-wing government – at least till the worst is over.

 Love to you all

There will be repercussions. Israel will not stand for the outright slaughter of their citizens. Reports are that the group of young people mentioned in the letter were attending a peace rally and 260 of them were killed.

There will also be questions. Such as did Iran help plan and/or finance the attacks? Yesterday, Representative Marjorie Taylor Green raised the question about the U.S. weapons that were used. She alleges that they could be coming from the huge arsenal the U.S. left in Afghanistan, or from Ukraine where America is currently sending weapons to fight against Russia.

On her X account she wrote:

“We need to work with Israel to track serial numbers on any U.S. weapons used by Hamas against Israel. Did they come from Afghanistan? Did they come from Ukraine? Highly likely the answer is both.”

A screenshot of a social media post

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So the U.S. also has questions to answer concerning who we fund and what is done with the money. We also need to seriously reconsider troop and weaponry withdrawal protocol. The weapons left in Afghanistan represented a treasure trove for terrorists. It shouldn’t have been done then and it can’t under any circumstances be repeated in the future.

In the meantime, Israel has now declared war against Hamas. The Israeli Defense Forces launched operation “Swords of Iron” with the Israeli Air Force bombing Hamas targets in Gaza.

As horribly bad as this has been to this point, it is going to get worse before it ends.