Sunday, May 19, 2024

Anthropological Truth Buried By Gender Lies

Science as we know it is dying. Being buried along with it are truth and reality. The question at this point is how long we as a nation and a society will tolerate the delusions that the mentally disturbed are trying to force upon us.

These delusions are reaching deep into every aspect of our lives. They are flat out lies that totally reject reality. The irony is that the left loves to scream “follow the science,” yet at every turn they not only ignore it, they try and substitute a new and false truth.

Anthropology is the scientific study of humanity, it’s concerned with human behavior, human biology, cultures, societies, and linguistics, in both the present and past, including past human species. Obviously, the examination of skeletal remains plays a role in these studies, which includes identifying those that are male and female.

Recently, two of the largest anthropology groups in the world, The American Anthropological Association, and the Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA) had a planned a joint forum on “sex identification” conference cancelled. Skeletal remains have always been used by modern scientists to determine a deceased person’s sex. However, now gender identity lies have once again disrupted scientific truth.

The scientists that were scheduled to attend and speak at the forum received a letter from the two groups. The letter really didn’t elaborate as to why the conference was cancelled it simply stated:

“We write to inform you that at the request of numerous members, the respective executive boards of AAA and CASCA reviewed the panel submission “Why biological sex remains a necessary analytic category in anthropology” and reached a decision to remove the session.”

The scientist were rightfully offended and prepared a written response to the groups.

“Your suggestion that our panel would somehow compromise “the scientific integrity of the program” seems to us particularly egregious, as the decision to anathematize our panel looks very much like an anti-science response to a politicized lobbying campaign.”

“Anthropologists around the world will quite rightly find chilling this declaration of war on dissent and on scholarly controversy. It is a profound betrayal of the AAA’s principle of advancing human understanding and applying this understanding to the world’s most pressing problems.”

When Fox News pressed the AAA as to why the conference was cancelled, they received this absurd response:

“There is no place for transphobia in anthropology.”

“The session was rejected because it was framed in ways that do harm to vulnerable members of our community. It commits one of the cardinal sins of scholarship, it assumes the truth of the proposition that it sets out to prove, namely, that sex and gender are simplistically binary, and that this is a fact with meaningful implications for the discipline.”

The AAA went on to say that identifying sex by skeletal remains was just an “estimation.”

“Around the world and throughout human history, there have always been people whose gender roles do not align neatly with their reproductive anatomy. There is no single biological standard by which all humans can be reliably sorted into a binary male/female sex classification.”

One anthropology professor, Elizabeth Weiss, who works at San Jose State, was scheduled to take part in a panel discussion at the conference. She confided to Fox News that her profession has been invaded by “activists.”

“Just as we’re getting better and better at identifying what is male and what is a female from the skeletal record, we are getting more and more attacked for knowing how to do this.”

“Truth is not necessarily considered an objective goal and the victims’ narrative is more important than facts. Who tells the story is more important than the data, which we obviously know is not true.”

“I also think that the increase in the trans what I would say “social contagion” has led to activists in the field. So they’re not really interested in understanding how a tribe in the rainforest of Brazil lived. They want to push their agenda onto those narratives to make it seem more normal.”

Weiss is correct, transgenderism is definitely a social contagion. What I find especially shocking is that these two groups would even think about denying cold hard facts. If an anthropologist is looking at skeletal remains, there can only be two choices, male or female …. Period.

For the groups to entertain anything else is an outrage and it stains the relevancy of what they represent. Are these groups of “scientists” actually saying that now a male skeleton may not be male? That a female skeleton can’t be conclusively identified as female?

This is nothing more than what was once a respected profession, groveling to a delusional activist group. Allowing them to suffer their self-induced delusion is one thing, but denying what you know to be an absolute truth is inexcusable.