Saturday, May 18, 2024

CCP’s Laundering of Farmland Finally Being Weeded Out

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) likes to believe that they’re slick. That isn’t it at all. We just have politicians that are (A) greedy and (B) stupid. The CCP infiltration, which by the way, isn’t confined to their obvious U.S. land grabs, their foray into our colleges and universities or their mind meld and information grab through TikTok. They have also penetrated through Biden’s open border policy and are establishing domestic beachheads within our country.

Fortunately, not everyone is mesmerized by their lies and backdoor money. It’s a small victory, but hopefully this will ignite other state officials and the citizens within those states, to stand up and fight the more than obvious, but highly Marxist push of this morally depraved nation.

The CCP has been buying up American land at an alarming rate. Planning everything from battery plants to farms, which in many cases are suspiciously close to American military bases.

The laundering of American land and research was interrupted on Tuesday by Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sanders enforced a law that was signed earlier this year that prohibits “certain foreign parties” from owning any farmland. By doing so she announced that 160 acres would be back on the market after learning that there were connections to China, that were previously undisclosed/laundered/lied about/buried.

A Chinese-owned company Syngenta, a seed production company headquartered in Switzerland but tied to the Chinese Communist Party-controlled ChemChina, was given two years to sell their land and they were also hit with a maximum fine of $280,000 from Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin. This came about after he reported they had failed to disclose their foreign ownership by June. Refusal to pay within 30 days would result in further action.

On a social media post, Huckabee appeared with Griffin, and the Agricultural Secretary Wes Ward. On her post she said:

“For far too long, we’ve tolerated dangerous governments infiltrating our country. Arkansas will not tolerate them any longer. Today, I announced that Arkansas is becoming the first state in the nation to force a Chinese state-owned company to sell its American farmland that prohibits certain foreign parties from acquiring any interest in Arkansas agricultural land, provides penalties for violations and creates the Office of Agricultural Intelligence for information analysis and enforcement.”

“Seeds are technology, Chinese state-owned corporations filter that technology back to their homeland, stealing American research and telling our enemies how to target American farms.” Act 636 bans China and other select foreign entities from owning land in Arkansas.

In a statement to Reuters a spokesperson for the Chinese firm said:

“Our people in Arkansas are Americans led by Americans who care deeply about serving Arkansas farmers. This action hurts Arkansas farmers more than anyone else. No one from China has ever directed any Syngenta executive to buy, lease, or otherwise engage in land acquisition in the United States.”

“All Syngenta land holdings have been examined by the U.S. government, through two administrations, as Syngenta was transitioning to ChemChina ownership.”

Right, I’m sure they have. Nothing about that is reassuring. It’s a curious thing that NO American firm can “really” own property in China. Yet we spend taxpayer’s money arguing about what should be obvious and that is No China based company should be allowed to own ANY property in the U.S. either. We also need to vet all companies diligently. It’s clear that China based firms are “laundering” their identity, by making it difficult to find their true place of origin.  

Syngenta is owned by ChemChina, a Chinese company that is on the Department of Defense’s list of Chinese military companies. This, in conjunction with the 2017 law China imposed on its citizens requiring them to collaborate with Chinese intelligence agencies while traveling abroad, makes act 636 a “commonsense” move, Huckabee asserted. She added that, “It’s not about where you come from, but about where a person’s loyalties lie.”

Sanders is correct, what’s baffling is why can’t the officials in other states enforce the “commonsense” laws and restrictions that protect our country? In my opinion, it isn’t that they can’t, it’s that they won’t. For the same reason liberals have no problem leaving our borders wide open, they also turn a blind eye to this form of foreign infiltration as well.

There was a time when the people we elected actually cared about their constituents and our country. Now every election isn’t about serving, it’s a power grab to better the elected individual’s personal circumstances. In today’s world, politicians don’t listen, they preach and push personal agendas for their own gain.

That narcissistic approach to governance results in tunnel vision and allows foreign encroachments like these to occur. It’s time to expose the graft and corruption in all levels of government. It’s still not too late, but we are running out of time.