Friday, May 24, 2024

Hillary Clinton’s Psychology and Why She Meddles in Our Lives

Forget the blatant stupidity of Hillary Clinton’s latest remarks calling on the federal government to round up 74 million Donald Trump voters and force them into deprogramming camps.

Forget that this is something straight from George Orwell.

Forget the armed resistance that would rise up if the feds carried out something so fascist and so overtly (as opposed to covertly, like, say, a “progressive” public school system might try).

What drives this woman to want to micromanage everyone else’s lives?

I am no psychiatrist. I have no fancy degrees in the study of human behavior. But I have common sense. I’ve also studied this woman for more than 30 years.

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Let’s start with Hillary’s husband, shall we?

Hillary married and defended a horny, lying reprobate who catches STDs the way an unkempt dog catches mange.

Bill Clinton is such a scuzzy pervert that if he was in a department store and saw an attractive female mannequin and knew no one else was around…well…we all know how that story ends.

I once had the opportunity to visit the Clinton Presidential Library, but I declined for fear I might touch a doorknob and accidentally catch syphilis.

Whenever a public figure dies, the feds automatically makes that person’s FBI file public record. Oh yes, we’ll have a gem of a time reading that, whether it’s about Epstein Island, Juanita Broderick, and all of the blackmail material that business and world leaders had on him.

Bill Clinton was highly intelligent but too horny to think straight. He never would have made it to the White House on his own. Hillary’s drive and discipline got him there.

In exchange, she’d serve as president one day.

Yet all those years of tolerating Darling-family-type clodhoppers in Arkansas and a husband who boogies with every floozie from the south side of Little Rock never paid off.

And we’re supposed to accept this stupid woman as an empowered and assertive feminist?

What sort of example does that set for young females?

Women whose husbands cheat on them repeatedly often feel the need to meddle in and micromanage everyone’s lives…..other than their own, of course.

This is their coping mechanism.

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I would argue that Hillary’s rage toward Trump has more to do with his own infidelities than with him defeating her in 2016.

Trump is a subconscious stand-in for her husband.

Hillary, you might have had a happier life if you had married a man who actually loved you and remained faithful. Hell, you might even have made your way to the White House without your degenerate husband. Bill might have ended up a sleazy ambulance-chasing attorney whose billboards decorate every five miles of I-40 between Texarkana and West Memphis.

Hillary, shut up and go away.

Spend your time and energy trying fix your broken marriage.

You wasted your life pursuing hollow ambitions…and THAT is not our fault.

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