Saturday, December 09, 2023

“Lady” Maroons Revolt Against Administration “Moroons”

I am very proud of the Roanoke College women’s swim team. Finally, a squad of women stood up to the asinine administration of their school. I’m sick of watching these self-righteous idiots using women’s sports like a dog uses a fire hydrant.

What don’t they understand?  In this case the women’s swim team is even called the “LADY Maroons.” So what does this flock of geniuses do? They allow a transgender male to join the team. Look, this GUY is not a GIRL! Last year he swam on the MEN’S team. I’m guessing that he wasn’t very good, so he decided to pretend to be a girl and instead of those in charge telling him No Way, they clap like idiotic seals.

It isn’t often said, so I’ll say it. The males in these scenarios should be ashamed of themselves. Really, you have so little self-respect that you have to compete against females. Don’t try and sell me on the B.S. that you consider yourself female, you are a man and you know it. This time last year you were on the men’s team because you are a man. Grow up and stop making a spectacle of yourself. Your presence on a woman’s team disgusts everyone that isn’t mentally disturbed or running for office.

In this case at Roanoke, the women on the team were stunned that this was allowed to happen. Thankfully, they didn’t take it lying down. The entire team called a press conference and demanded that the NCAA defend female athletes, in this case, female swimmers.

One of the team members, Susanna Price, stated the obvious, which their administration is choosing to ignore.

“Women’s sports are separate from men’s sports for a reason, we are not the same, but we both deserve to be equally respected.”

The team complained that they have been subject to bullying, and that their practices have been changed to accommodate the man’s schedule. Mr. Snowflake even wears a girl’s swimsuit, which made me throw up in my mouth a little.

I want to point something out about one of the things the team mentioned. They stated that they had been bullied. This is one of the things that the left likes to project on conservatives. The only people that are getting bullied are the conservatives that refuse to slurp at the radical water bowl. Conservatives aren’t out harassing LGBTQ’s, but if you don’t agree with them, they have no problem attacking conservatives.

One of the team’s several Co-Captain’s that spoke up, Kate Pearson, had this to say.

“When I was told a biological male would be swimming on the women’s swim team, all of my feeling turned to fear.”

Co-Captain Bailey Gallagher, put it this way:

“Throughout the last month, the women’s team and I have felt manipulated, helpless, angry, confused, upset, guilted, and most importantly unheard.”

“When we finally worked up the guts to explain how we felt to the higher ups at our school, we were told that we had support, but not once was that support exhibited to us in practical terms,” said Co-captain Lily Mullens.

Riley Gaines also attended the press conference. She can definitely relate to what the girls are going through. The former NCAA champion was forced to compete against a male swimmer and finished tied for fifth place with him. She spoke up for the team and said this:

“It shouldn’t have to take bravery and fair treatment to speak up for the fair treatment of women and girls, and if leaders cannot find it within themselves to do that then we need different leaders.”

The parents that attended the conference were also infuriated that the college would turn their back on an entire women’s team in order to accommodate one delusional male.

One of the parents, Cady Mullens, expressed the parents frustration like this:

“Our girls are not the only girls suffering at the expense of men and boys wishing to compete on their teams. We learned that this is a much bigger issue than just Roanoke College and it’s happening with many sports at many different levels.”

The college took the safe and gutless stance, claiming that Roanoke College is standing by the NCAA guidelines on transgender athletes. In their statement the college said: “We remain committed to supporting our LGBTQ+ community and our student-athletes, all of whom are valued members of our vibrant community.”

Marshi Smith is a Co-founder of the Independent Council on Women’s Sports. She believes that the news conference was a pivotal and historic moment for women’s athletics.

“We have never before seen a team unified like this and for young girls who have the example of collegiate women standing arm in arm to protect the rights of women across the country, It’s so crucial.”

As a result of this unity, Mr. Snowflake withdrew from the team. Which is great news in this case, but this type of unity needs to be shown every single time a situation like this arises. That is the only way the NCAA will be forced to accept reality. A reality that they abided by until the delusional left began to infiltrate their ranks.

Congratulations Lady Maroons, you stood together, you won together and now you can safely dress, practice and swim together. You stood up for women’s sports and America is proud of you.  By the way, did you let Mr. Snowflake keep his bathing suit?  Never mind, I don’t want to know.