Monday, December 11, 2023

Let’s Replace “National Coming Out Day” With “Leave Our Children Alone Day”

When will the torrent of depravity end? When will schools actually teach and not groom and indoctrinate? This is madness, why is it being tolerated? Why are radical insurgents allowed to run our education system?

Among all of the tragedies over the past week, one continues to grow at the expense of our children. The never-ending mind rot that the left fills not only their minds with, but their very lives.

Today is another invention of the left, to be used upon their pathway of destruction. They have decreed that today, October 11th is “National Coming Out Day,” which is part of National coming out week. The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is encouraging children as young as five years old to come out of the closet.

Let’s stop right there for a second. This LGBTQ delusion has become a secular religion that is being taught in public schools. This is illegal and against the constitution of the United States. The left likes to fall back on the worn-out excuse that they are being inclusive, this is not inclusion this is highlighting and promoting secular perversion. There is NO justifying the exposure of this propaganda to the vast majority of the student body that accepts the reality of their sex/gender.

“Los Angeles’s kindergartners know nothing about sex, much less about its recent artificial mutations, other than what the activists are cramming down their throats. If this is not grooming, it is hard to know what is,” Heather Mac Donald wrote in City Journal.

Mac Donald also had this to say:

“How many students, ignorant about what declaring themselves LGBTQ+ actually means, will nevertheless seek the camaraderie and affirmation of this club. Naturally, the LAUSD is not promoting math clubs, geography clubs, or star-gazing clubs.”

She’s absolutely correct, yet these radical groomers are promoting “Rainbow Clubs” for pre-kindergarteners. These are children as young as three years old, which proves that the school district is DELIBERATLY confusing children about their gender.

How far has this school district gone? Instead of concerning themselves with true education, they have wasted their time and have created a “Queer and Trans-Affirming” calendar for the entire school year. Let that sink in. This is proof that the school district definitely has an agenda in place to poison the minds of these children. They have a year long plan of indoctrination.

Jack Hibbs is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. He condemned the school district and implored parents across the country to fight back against this plague of perversion.

He posted this on X:

“The first mistake you can make, my friends, is to think that this is only Los Angeles, do not assume that this will not be in some way celebrated in your child’s school in your city, no matter where you may be in America.”

“Give your kids next week off and teach them at home whatever you must do to rescue them from the perverted evils and the debased plots and plans of this world’s reprobates. It’s time to fight back because a war is underway, and your child is the prize.”

I would correct Mr. Hibbs on one point. To any parent your children are definitely a prize, something to love and protect, but to these demented left-wing Marxists, your children are the prey.