Sunday, December 10, 2023

Masters vs. Lake in Arizona?

Last month, I came across an interesting article about Arizona’s upcoming 2024 Senate race, so I decided to dedicated today’s article.

For the past few election cycles, the state Arizona has become the battleground of American politics. Last year, MAGA candidates Kari Lake and Blake Masters won their Republican primaries for Arizona’s gubernatorial and US Senate elections. Unfortunately, both candidates came up short in their respective elections.

However, Arizona’s incumbent US Senator Krysten Sinema is up re-election in 2024. Ever since Sinema switched her party registration from Democrat to Independent last year, both Republican and Democrat candidates are lining up to face off against Sinema in 2024. Sure, Sinema may vote in line with hard-core Democrats, but switching parties did likely protect Sinema from losing a potential match-up against Democrat Congressman Ruben Gallego in the Democrat party primary for this US Senate election. Certainly, Arizona’s 2024 Senate Election is already shaping up to be one of the most intriguing elections in 2024.

With Sinema running as an Independent incumbent and Gallego likely locking down the Democrat nomination, the only real uncertainty heading into the general election for this race is on the Republican side. The Republican nominee for the Arizona’s 2024 Senate election is still up in the air.

At the beginning of September, I was browsing Revolver, and I came across a the following article in New York Magazine. The article described the potential Republican primary showdown between venture capitalist Blake Masters and former TV news anchor Kari Lake. Both positioned themselves as some of the leading America First candidates in the 2022 election cycle, and both appear poised to do the same.

Back on Tuesday, Kari Lake announced her 2024 Senate run in front of a raucous crowd, and President Trump also gave his endorsement of Lake via a video address at the event.

While Blake Masters has not yet officially announced he is running for the US Senate, news outlets reported that he was ready to enter this race–until Kari Lake announced she was running this week. So, it’s still possible that Masters may decide to not run in 2024.

This fact may not mean much, but Blake Master’s website currently shows the “Blake Masters for US Senate” campaign logo he used in 2022. While his website does not show anything about running in 2024, I would still keep an eye out to see if he decides to run for Senate next year.

Even if Masters decides not to run, Conservative sheriff of Pinal County Mark Lamb has already thrown his hat into the ring for Arizona’s 2024 Senate election. Thus, Lake will have some Conservative competition in the Republican primary.

Personally, I prefer Masters as Arizona’s Republican candidate for this election over Kari Lake. I have nothing against Lake, but Masters represents more of a nationalist, socially conservative strain within the MAGA movement than Lake–as is shown by Lake’s support for the Log Cabin Republicans.

Regardless, either Lake or Masters are both fairly solid MAGA candidates, and either one would make a fantastic addition to the US Senate.

If you want to learn more about the potential Masters-Lake clash, then go check out the YouTube video below from Conservative political commentator Red Eagle Politics.