Saturday, December 02, 2023

Students at Liberal George Washington University Project Antisemitic Messages on Library Walls

My children thankfully graduated from college when colleges were still learning institutions. Now, they are nothing more than mental institutions and if I was a parent today with a college age child, I would think long and hard about sending them off to suffer a liberal mind meld.

College students are still young adults, and therefore they are still vulnerable to suggestion and perhaps more importantly peer pressure. Let’s face facts, whether you’re hundreds or thousands of miles of away from home or not, everyone wants to fit in. Not only that, liberals are also GREAT liars. To a partially or non-informed mind, their rhetoric sounds realistic for a while, but before that bottom inevitably falls out, you can find yourself believing and doing some incredibly stupid things.

Enter George Washington University. In May of this year, I wrote a column about the weak-kneed faculty, graveling to liberal students and agreeing to changing the name of their mascot from Colonials to Revolutionaries, because some students thought the name was offensive.

Then earlier this year, the school was criticized for standing behind a psychology Professor accused of antisemitism by students. The professor, a classic leftist named Lara Sheehi allegedly told students in her “adversity” class that they were Islamophobic for using the terminology “terrorist attack.”

She also “allegedly,” in a suit filed by the Israeli advocacy group StandWithUs who filed a claim on behalf of Jewish students who stated Sheehi told them: “It’s not your fault you were born in Israel,” and said the presence of Jewish students was “violent.”

BTW, the Associated Press has recently come under criticism for instructing their writers not to use the “T” word. Apparently, supporters of TERRORISM have a problem when you call a spade a spade. They suggest using the term “militants” and several other milk toast terms to describe these TERRORISTS.

For the record, but not surprisingly, the university appointed firm found that there was “no evidence that the discourse crossed the line,” and said StandWithUs had an “expansive view of the definition of antisemitism.”

So, calling the very presence of Jewish students “violent,” and denying that terrorists are terrorists is an indication of Jewish paranoia. Really? What would happen to any teacher that openly stated that the presence of Muslim students was violent?

This is nothing more than suppressed antisemitism with the additional blessing of George Washington University. A blessing which no doubt has emboldened the latest level of bigotry and antisemitism.

Stupidity and ignorance are rampant on all college campuses. Education is non-existent, but demonstrations about things students know nothing about garner sympathy from the MSM every night. 

In the case of this university, the antisemitism was allowed to appear in bright illuminated fashion on the walls of the campus library. It was there that student projected messages that read “Glory To Our Martyrs,” “Divestment From Zionist Genocide Now,” and “Free Palestine From River To Sea.”

Among those who responded to the George Washington University student’s shocking act was Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee, who called on officials at the school to “do the right thing NOW.”

“These are genocidal messages displayed on a building at George Washington University. If the students responsible for these messages aren’t severely punished by GWU, something is terribly wrong. Genocide isn’t hip, cute, or in any way acceptable. GWU, … do the right thing NOW! 

In the aftermath of the October attacks, GWU president Ellen Granberg wrote a non-descript, lame letter stating that the school would offer support to all of those affected by the violence. 

“My message to our community stressed the importance of coming together and caring for one another, especially those who are Israeli, Jewish, Palestinian, Muslim, Arab, or connected to the region and this war.”

Notice that condemnation of the initial violence is totally missing. So according to George Washington University, Hamas can attack, kill everyone indiscriminately, and still be honored. Groups are now calling for the expulsion of the students at George Washington University who projected messages on to the school’s library in support of the Hamas‘ barbaric assault on Israel.

So, what will the university do? Their decision should affect every person that’s even considering enrolling at this steaming pile of liberal excrement. There is no doubt that the students that did this created an aura of hatred against the Jewish students on the campus. This was done openly and deliberately, by smug and arrogant bigots. There should be NO hesitation, expel them now.