Thursday, July 18, 2024

The Spectacle Podcast: Polygamy of the Personal and Political Type

Scott McKay and Melissa Mackenzie bring conservative news and commentary to The Spectacle. First, they discuss Sister Wives and how it has single-handedly cured America of its fascination with polygamy. Polygamy is terrible for all involved and it’s been great to see the cultural effects. Unfortunately, normalization of gay marriage has resulted in more perversity. Then, Scott and Melissa talk about the terrorist-loving leftists on college campuses and the anti-semitism coming from the left (where it always comes from.) Finally, Scott and Melissa talk about Biden’s polyamory and funding all sides of all the wars on his way to creating the third world war. 


Melissa: World War III? 

Scott: Biden Corruption

Ben Stein: Is this the End of Days?