Monday, December 11, 2023

Where is the America First Line in the Sand, and What if Woke Leftists Cross It?

Let’s be real.

America First patriots are very good at grousing, hand wringing, and writing scathing posts on social media, but as I pointed out in an earlier piece, when it comes to the heavy lifting needed to effect change, they’re usually nowhere to be found.

“History tells us that cosmopolitan America talks a good game, but they’re rarely in it for the long haul. Remember, while you’re having a barbeque, they’re carrying a sign at a protest. While you’re watching your kid’s soccer practice, they’re at a school board meeting demanding CRT curriculum. Leftists are aware that eliminating Trump by perverting the legal system carries significant risk, but the former president has been such an annoying impediment in their march toward authoritarian rule, they simply can’t take the chance he wins the Republican nomination yet again.”

The Left’s Relentless Push for Radical Change

The Kinetics of Phase Transition says that with relentless pressure, a substance can be transformed from one state to another, and that is exactly what is happening to American culture. The pressure from the left is unyielding, and like waves lapping at a rock, it is steadily wearing us down.

For example, during the late 2000s and early 2010s, we were told that allowing gay people to legally marry was a fundamental right. Besides the religious objections, the only argument against such a cultural change was the fear it would open a pandora’s box of other fringe groups demanding rights. Yet, we were assured by the gay and lesbian communities that if they were simply allowed to marry one another and enjoy the same benefits as heterosexual couples, they would joyously ride off into the sunset. The issue was decided in 2015 when the Supreme Court struck down all state bans against same sex marriage.

So, once they were granted the right to marry, did the gay and lesbian activists go quietly into the night and blend in with the other people in their communities?

Hell no.

Instead, emboldened by their victory, gay and lesbian activist groups expanded their alphabet name from LGB to LBGTQIA+, upping the ante by representing those with increasingly unique and unusual sexual preferences and creating a firestorm of controversy surrounding gender.

Unfortunately, gender and sexuality are just a fraction of the issues woke leftists continue to advance as they exploit the booming victimization business.

From 1970s environmentalism that led to cleaner air and water, radical climate change activists have become progressively more demanding, advancing legislation and regulations to ban internal combustion engines, gas stoves and air conditioners.

Successful initiatives to teach African-American history have morphed into an effort indoctrinate students with radical concepts such as Critical Race Theory, which portray black people as hopeless victims and white people as inherently racist oppressors. Concerned parents are now targeted by the Department of Justice.

In the 1990s, the Clinton administration passed a law called “three strikes and you’re out,” which essentially sent career criminals to prison for life. Somehow, the desire to reduce crime has been perverted by leftists who want to defund the police, which has resulted in skyrocketing violent crime rates in every city where it has been implemented.

The All-Out Assault on the Bill of Rights

Somewhat lost in the overwhelming onslaught of horrible woke initiatives is the chilling and frightening attempt to undermine our representative republic and replace it with an authoritarian form of government. While Democrats scream about America First patriots as a threat to democracy, it’s these very same people who have undertaken a shameful effort to do that very thing.

The fake Russia collusion scandal was a brazen attempt at a silent coup to remove a duly elected president from office. The FBI knew all along there was absolutely no evidence linking the Trump campaign to Russian election interference. However, instead of exposing the plot as a hoax, the FBI used the phony evidence to obtain FISA warrants so they could spy on the Trump campaign for the sole purpose of digging up dirt that could be used to disqualify him from office.

Even though the underlying case was entirely fictitious, and everyone involved knew it, Robert Mueller successfully prosecuted six people associated with the Trump campaign on process crimes that had nothing to do with the underlying case, including General Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.

Leftists have made a mockery of federal law enforcement and the judiciary by using them to silence political opponents, especially in regards to the highly suspect 2020 election. In spite of significant evidence to the contrary, Democrats and other leftists claim 2020 was the most “secure election in history.” The courts consistently refused to hear cases related to election fraud due to “standing,” which was a convenient way of ensuring the public never heard the evidence.

Those who pursued the trail of election rigging have been hounded, arrested and prosecuted. The list of patriots who have been targeted by a weaponized law enforcement and judicial system include Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro, Jenna Ellis, Mark Meadows and 12 others who were simply trying to get to the bottom of an election with many inconsistencies, unusual activities and a questionable outcome.

The methodology is each case is clear: The accused is intimidated by threats of financial ruin and years in jail, so they cop a plea and receive a reduced sentence in return for confessing to crimes they didn’t commit and implicating President Trump in a phony, manufactured scandal.

The purposeful suppression of the Bill of Rights, most notably the first and second amendment, is the perfect complement to the left’s judicial and law enforcement weaponization. A shocking poll by Virginia’s Center for Politics along with research firm InnovateMR found that 47% of Joe Biden’s supporters held the belief that the “government should regulate or restrict the expression of views considered discriminatory or offensive.” This authoritarian view was reenforced by a RealClear Opinion Research survey that revealed 47% of respondents view free speech as something that should be legal “only under certain circumstances.”

Naturally, those “certain circumstances” where woke leftists allow free speech would be limited to instances where the speaker’s views align with those of the authoritarians.

When factoring in the assault on the second amendment, and the left’s obsession with taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, the intent is clear: They want to suppress and silence ideas that run contrary to their Marxist ideology, while sending a message to anyone considering voicing or acting in opposition. If you speak too loudly and draw attention, you will be arrested and jailed.

Where is the Line in the Sand?

So, when will the patriots have had enough of the unrelenting attacks on their freedoms and the American way of life? What will those who love the Constitution do if President Trump is convicted on any of the 91 bogus charges he faces and disqualified from the presidency? What will they do if the 2024 election is obviously rigged once again? What happens if freedom of speech no longer includes criticism of woke leftist ideology? What if semi-automatic weapons are banned, and the government demands confiscation?

Most importantly, why aren’t these critical subjects discussed among America First leaders and in the conservative news outlets?

Where is the line in the sand, and what happens if woke leftists cross it?