Saturday, December 02, 2023

American man goes to Jail for meme?

2016 was a different time. In those days, social media users did not face the blantant censoship that we’re accustomed to seeing now. Twitter (now called X) and social media more broadly was more like the “Wild ‘West”.

During the Summer and Fall of 2016, anonymous pro-Trump Twitter accounts made numerous memes, viral videos, and Tweets on behalf of Donald Trump’s initial Presidential campaign. This collective effort in 2016 later became known as “The Great Meme War”.

One of the more popular pro-Trump Twitter accounts during this era was “Ricky Vaughn”. Following Trump’s 2016 presidential victory, Twitter banned this account and others like in order to quell President Trump’s support on social media.

However, the story didn’t end in 2016. In 2021, the actual man behind the “Ricky Vaugh” account (Douglass Mackey) was arrested back in 2021 for “election disinformation”–due to memes he posted back in 2016. You heard that right: an American man is going to jail for posting MEMES.

This situation sounds like a story picked right out of 1984.

A few weeks ago, the Department of Justice (DOJ) sentenced this Twitter user (Douglass Mackey) to 7 months in prison for “Election interference”. Even worse, the DOJ’s website unashamedly proclaimed its political persecution of Mackey by publicly announcing this unjust prison sentence.

Free speech is truly dead under the current Regime. Justice is truly dead under the current Regime. Mackey’s case confirms this new reality.

For context, here is one memes that led to Mackey’s prison sentence:

If you couldn’t tell, this meme is an obvious joke. Anyone with a right mind knows that a meme about voting over text is a joke. Unfortunately, our corrupt Regime does not care and is willing to shut down anyone deemed as an actual threat to the Regime’s power.

Mackey’s story is making such waves that even mainstream Conservative political commentators–including Matt Walsh, Tucker Carlson, and others–have defended Mackey’s innocence.

Darren Beattie’s Conservative news aggregator Revolver has compiled a large amount of articles related to Douglass Mackey’s situation. So, I would recommend checking Revolver to learn more about this story.

If you have any interest in helping out Mackey personally, then check out the GiveSendGo that Mackey set up for his legal defense fees.