Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Colleges: Institutions Of Lower Learning

It’s become painfully obvious that colleges no longer provide the type of education that prepares young adults for the workplace. Instead of teaching the finer points of a field of study, colleges have disintegrated into woke factories churning out liberal snowflakes that focus on idealistic causes instead of reality.

To add to the irony, tuitions have skyrocketed. So, the bill is higher, and the results are poorer. RedBalloon is a job search website that prides itself on looking for candidates that have real skills and not the leftist ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion. In fact, the headline on their website reads, “Find a good job without the woke nonsense.”

Andrew Crapuchettes is the CEO and he had this to say about the current state of the education process:

“The higher ed system has worked itself out of a job. By losing focus on the mission of preparing their students for their career, they’ve become a non-factor, or even a negative factor, in helping job seekers find a job.”

He’s correct, the faculty at most colleges are overrun with liberals. The percentage of conservatives on the staff of most institutions is extremely small. So, values have been replaced with ideals that aren’t based on truth and fact, but woke idealism. RedBalloon, took a survey that was posted in a Washington Times column. The survey showed that only ten percent of small business owners preferred candidates with college degrees. is a digital marketplace that connects people to companies that have shared values. They hooked up with RedBalloon in a survey of 905 small businesses. That survey revealed that two-thirds of them don’t believe that college graduates have the relevant skills to benefit their firms. Some of them made comments such as “We would hire someone with hands-on experience over someone that read about it in a book,” and “If you ain’t got the skills, you ain’t got a job.”

Stepping back and reflecting on these numbers, it clearly shows the sad state of America’s higher education standards. If only ten percent of business owners prefer college graduates, then the education well has obviously been poisoned by woke ideologies. Worse yet, once in the workplace almost fifty percent of the graduates looking for work stated that college “failed to prepare them for the 9-to-5 workplace.”

The message is clear. The pampering and indulging of any and all student whims is not beneficial for their future employment. So instead of denying biology and allowing men to play against women, or sharing locker rooms, or allowing endless Hamas demonstrations, perhaps it may be better to focus on the actual teaching of things that will be impactful for their future development.

Speaking of whims and entitlement, David Stuckenberg, who is the chief of the water conservation company Genesis Systems, described to the Times a situation he had involving two recent graduates. When they applied for positions, they demanded $200,000 salaries because their professors told them that’s what to expect. “The problem is many recent graduates have no underlying work ethic. They also have no experience.”

Other comments describing graduates include concerns about maturity and confidence, complacency, initiative, time management and accountability. All of which are qualities that make up exemplary employees.

College was once thought to be necessary for an opportunity to have a high paying career. However, when teaching takes a back seat to social justice warriors preaching about things that aren’t real, the American workforce and productivity suffers.

The decay of American culture has become relevant on many fronts. From the moral decomposition that is sweeping through the nation, to the collapse of education on all levels. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but so is a heart and a soul. All of which the left is offering up to their false idols.