Friday, July 12, 2024

Cracks in the Veneer of Election Fraud Deniers

The suppression of nefarious actions in the rigged 2020 election continues to be one of the greatest national embarrassments in American history. The volume of election malfeasance evidence, particularly in the battleground states, is overwhelming. Yet, election fraud deniers continue to use every method at their disposal, including the courts and the media, to ensure a thorough forensic audit of that election never happens.

However, almost every day, there is some new evidence of election tampering that leaks out. The media and corrupt politicians immediately rush to apply a patch to the crack, but that only raises more suspicions in the large segment of the country that believes 2020 was rigged.

Arizona’s Soiled Election History

Arizona’s election system is suspect in nature even without direct evidence of tampering. In Maricopa County, mail-in ballots are farmed out to a mysterious private firm called “Runbeck,” where they are scanned into software so election officials can compare ballot signatures to the voter database. As was proven in Kari Lake’s action against Maricopa County, the chain of custody in the delivery and receipt of ballots by Runback was broken several times.

Perhaps worse, the forensic auditors who compiled a report on the 2020 election in Maricopa County found that the EMS election database had been erased. The Election Management System (EMS) is the central nervous system for every election. It provides a series of processing functions and databases that are used to develop election definition data, perform ballot layout functions, tabulate votes, consolidate and report results, and maintain audit trails.

According to Cyber Ninjas, the firm that conducted the audit, “The Election Management System (EMS) database which holds all details associated with the 2020 General election was purged and all the election results were cleared by a Results Tally and Reporting Admin on February 2 at 5:14 pm; the evening before the Pro & V audit was scheduled to start. This means that these results were not available for Pro &V or SU to perform any type of audit, nor were they available for Cyber Ninjas to review. The next day Pro V &V then proceeded to add new tabulators for their audit, and they imported results into these tabulators, further clearing remnants of the database.”

Election Corruption in Pinal County

In light of past Arizona election irregularities, it wasn’t surprising when a report was recently released by the Conelrad group, which found evidence of “malfeasance, incompetence, and possible criminal activity” in the 2022 election in Pinal County. The group, headed by Jack Dona, who holds 43 intelligence and technical certifications, offered a summary of the team’s report:

There are numerous issues regarding the 2022 Pinal County Primary Elections. Malfeasance, incompetence and possible criminal activity.

It appears that the County Attorney’s Office now effectively controls all elections in Pinal County and will fight fiercely, using his interpretations of state and county laws, to ensure there is no verification of the internal workings of these machines by a full hand count.

We also conclude that the key piece of evidence regarding why “silly assumptions” were made in ordering ballots for the primary, which led to a severe shortage of GOP ballots and a complete breakdown of the primary election was never fully investigated.

County Attorney Kent Volkmer needs to be investigated for his ties to the law firm Coppersmith & Brockelman PLC, the same firm that represents Katie Hobbs. This firm also did the independent analysis of the primary election results for Pinal County at the urging of Mr. Volkmer.

Evidence was clearly identified that should have led to an immediate halt to certifying the General Election.

There are multiple problems with these machines receiving re-programming on election day to multiple poll books not functioning correctly. There needs to be full 100% human hand counts of all ballots, with signature verification, to verify these machines are functioning as they were designed to do. This means source codes and super user or root passwords must be given to independent IT experts for analysis.

Until the judicial system definitively levies punishment and consequences for, at the least what we deem to be incompetent malfeasance regarding the voting systems in the state, these issues will probably arise again.

The entire report contains 627 pages of evidence involving election malfeasance, including testimony from an election worker who claims she was instructed to tear up double voted Republican ballots but NOT Democrat ballots.

Once again, there are issues surrounding the voting machines, including the same source codes, logs, and passwords that were erased in Maricopa County in 2020. Many of the voting machine certifications were either invalid or expired.

Leftist Election Rigging Slowly Unraveling

Polls show that around 70% of Republicans believe that the 2020 election was rigged, and the number is growing. Despite the left’s narrative that Republicans are mind-numbed zombies that hang and parrot every word Donald Trump utters, in fact, most conservatives are deliberative and open-minded. The reason the polls reflect an increasing skepticism is because of reports like the one that came out of Pinal County.

A peer reviewed report in the economics journal, Public Choice, that was buried by the leftist media, found evidence of 255,000 excess votes, and possibly as many as 368,000 votes in the six swing states Trump lost by a combined total of 313,253 votes.

Mike Lindell recently won a huge victory in court when a judge ruled that his efforts to rid Georgia of electronic voting machines in favor of hand counts “does not suggest that the Plaintiffs are conspiracy theorists of any variety.” This might be the first judge in any election fraud case that actually considered the evidence instead of discrediting those questioning the veracity of the election.

The best thing about America is that in the end, truth always wins the day. It may take decades, or even centuries, but in the end, the truth will emerge no matter how much effort and money are invested in suppressing it. With every new revelation, it becomes increasingly clear to even the most ardent skeptics that the 2020 election was utterly corrupt.

It is up to all of us to decide if we want to end the left’s unscrupulous manipulation of our elections. The 2024 election season is here. Get off the couch and get in the game. Volunteer to participate in the process so you can monitor how the election is conducted in your area.

Otherwise, America’s greatest asset, the truth, may be suppressed forever under the brutal rule of woke leftist authoritarians.