Monday, December 11, 2023

L.A.’s Soros District Attorney Handles Sexual Assault In Usual Manner, Badly

There are plenty of useless liberals in the world, but some absolutely excel at it. One that stands out is Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon. Gascon was elected with the use of large amounts of George Soros’s money. He has been heavily criticized for his lenient criminal sentencing policies, which in many cases border on the ridiculous.

His latest disgrace involves a clear felonious sexual assault that not only took place in broad daylight with witnesses, but was filmed entirely by a surveillance camera.

The victim, Rebekkah Pederson, said that she was walking from work near the corner of Broadway and Linden in Long Beach, when a man came up behind her and sexually assaulted her.

“I look down and next thing I know I feel his face right here in the corner of me and he lifts up my dress, pulls on my hips, and thrusts his genitals against me.”

The video clearly shows Miguel Angel Avila Figueroa, a 30-year-old homeless man sitting on the sidewalk as Pederson walks past him. He stands up and begins following her, as he does, he unzips his pants and whips out Mr. Lonely. He then lifts Pederson’s dress and assaults her.

Figueroa ran off after the attack and was later apprehended. Upon reviewing the case Long Beach Prosecutor, Doug Haubert had this to say:

“I think this is an egregious case. I think the conduct warrants felony-level filing. From the moment we got it we believed it was felony level conduct.”

Unfortunately, only the County District Attorney can file felony charges, and liberal leftist Gascon refused to do so. Instead, he is holding Figueroa on misdemeanor charges only.

For good reason, Pederson is beyond outraged. In an interview with KABC Pederson vented her feelings:

“Did this man not see any of the footage? I’m more angry than anything. It’s mind blowing because nobody in their right mind thinks this is anything but attempted rape. I want that guy in jail, so that he doesn’t go and actually rape somebody. He’s going to actually rape somebody. He will. He just hasn’t been successful yet.”

In a separate interview with Fox 11, Pederson called the assault “absolutely disgusting.”

“When I turned around, I did notice he started picking up his pants. If it wasn’t in broad daylight, and that good Samaritan wasn’t sitting there, the suspect would have raped me.”

Following Gascon’s decision, the Long Beach Prosecutor sent a letter to the head deputy of the Long Beach branch of the District Attorney’s Office, imploring them to reconsider the decision.

The letter in part stated:

“If felony charges are filed, the defendant could face increased incarceration, but it could also result in greater rehabilitation resources through Collaborative Court and the LA County Probation Department, which are not available for misdemeanor defendants. At a minimum, bringing sexual assault charges at the felony level will more likely ensure the defendant has access to appropriate treatment, while exposing the defendant to additional jail or prison time, in an effort to better protect the public.”

It’s pitiful that the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office must have these facts explained to them. If a clear video tape of an attempted rape isn’t sufficient, what is? Gascon envisions himself as a great social justice warrior, but his weak-kneed sentences have caused nothing but chaos for the law-abiding citizens. In truth, he is a menace to society, allowing the county to fill with smut and criminal activity. The county has lost its way as well as countless lives under his lack of leadership.

The puppets in Gascon’s office responded with a statement on Tuesday saying that even though the case was “carefully reviewed previously,” another review of the evidence will take place based on “additional information” received.

As of now, Figueroa remains jailed in lieu of $75,000 bail while awaiting a pretrial hearing Nov. 8.