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Nashville Leaders Should Have Listened to Rod Serling

Alfred Hitchcock, Stephen King and Rod Serling knew something about human nature that members of the Metro Nashville Government clearly do not.

When you stoke curiosity in people, you give them an itch that they just have to scratch. 

As Serling put it, “There is nothing in the dark that isn’t there when the lights are on.”

Hitchcock famously said “There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.”

As for Stephen King, his movie adaptations are nowhere near as horrifying as what I imagine in my mind when I read the original novel.

The Metro Nashville Government whetted everyone’s appetites when they withheld critical information about the Covenant School shooting.

People want to know what’s in the manifesto the shooter left behind. They aren’t going to shut up about it until they see it. This is basic common sense. This is human nature.

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In March, transgender Audrey Hale shot and killed six people at this private Christian school, but before she did, she left behind a manifesto that the public still may not legally access.

Now, people want to see that manifesto as much as they want to know the current whereabouts of DB Cooper and what really happened at Roswell.   

Members of the establishment press seem to have zero interest in pursuing or seeing the manifesto. That’s because it’s politically incorrect to put a transgender in a bad light. Reporters instead spend their time and energies using the shooting as an excuse to push for tighter gun control laws.

As I wrote, back in May:

“Conservatives believe Hale, who was transgendered, killed six people, including three children, at a private Christian school because she hated people of faith. They also believe a manifesto she left behind was politically charged and would confirm their suspicions.”

On Thursday, Louder With Crowder published three pages of Hale’s manifesto. Self-loathing and a resistance to “white privilege” (perhaps among many other things) prompted her to commit mass murder.

Candace Owens cited a source who read Hale’s manifesto in its entirety. She said Hale wrote she was bullied when she attended Covenant years earlier. At some unspecified time and place, someone sexually abused her. 

Metro Nashville officials and certain Covenant parents have used the courts to hide Hale’s writings. The case is currently on appeal.

Why conceal Hale’s manifesto from the public when this is clearly a matter of public safety?

That only makes sense under one of the four following hypothetical scenarios: 

• Hale belonged to an organized network of transgender killers (like a transgender mafia). Law enforcement could use her writings to find and arrest other potential murderers.

• The killer spent a detailed amount of time studying and analyzing school security procedures and offered tips on how copycat shooters could get around them.

• She printed the names of confidential police or sheriff’s department informants.

• The document alleged criminal wrongdoing at Covenant, and, true or not, school officials want to avoid a scandal.

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Scenarios listed above appear unlikely. Members of the public deserve to know what motivated Hale and what steps or measures they can take to make certain someone never does this to them (hint, this is a problem that more gun control will not solve).

Hopefully local leaders nationwide will learn something from this.

If you deny something to somebody, they only want it more.

Now, Nashville, turn the lights on. Release that manifesto in its entirety. For all we know, Hale’s writings are benign compared to what we’re imagining. Or maybe they aren’t? Either way, people’s imaginations are running wild…wild enough to pen a script for The Twilight Zone.

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