Sunday, December 03, 2023

Nikki Haley Aims High, Decides To Dox … Everyone!

Nikki Haley has no chance of becoming president of the United States. Something we should all be happy about after her most recent proclamation. On Tuesday, Haley espoused that “when” she is elected, she will eliminate anonymity of everyone on the internet and her reason for this is …. wait for it, … “national security.”

In an appearance on Fox News, Haley said this:

“When I get into office, the first thing we have to do, social media accounts, social media companies, they have to show America their algorithms. Let us see why they’re pushing what they’re pushing. The second thing is every person on social media should be verified by their name.”

“First of all, it’s a national security threat. When you do that, all of a sudden people have to stand by what they say. And it gets rid of the Russian bots, the Iranian bots and the Chinese bots. And then you’re going to get some civility when people know their name is next to what they say, and they know their pastor and their family members are going to see it.”

You have to hand it to her. Some people just dox another person, or a particular group. Not Haley, no sir, she wants to dox everyone. It’s certainly ambitious of her, but it’s also unrealistic. As you would expect, it didn’t take long for social media to burst into flames over Haley’s idea. Two of her loudest critics are also her Republican primary opponents Vivek Ramaswamy and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis was quick to point out that the authors of the “Federalist Papers” also wrote them under a pseudonym.

“You know who were anonymous writers back in the day? Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison when they wrote the Federalist Papers. They were not “national security threats,” nor are the many conservative Americans across the country who exercise their Constitutional right to voice their opinions without fear of being harassed or canceled by the school they go to or the company they work for.”

He added that in his administration the proposal would be “dead on arrival” calling it “dangerous.”

The Federalist Papers were a popular topic, as Ramaswamy also brought them up calling her proposal, “disgusting.” He wrote:

“Here’s what they would say to Nikki Haley if they were alive: get your heels off my neck and go back to England.”

The “they” that Ramaswamy references are of course Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay. Writing under the collective pseudonym “Publius,” They penned a collection of 85 articles and essays that became known as the Federalist Papers, which were written to promote the ratification of the constitution of the United States.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald also jumped on board and he too cited the Federalist Papers.

“Is Nikki Haley aware that the Federalist Papers were written by founding fathers using pseudonyms? Nikki Haley may be one of the most war-mongering and authoritarian candidates for president in some time. She’s completely unhinged. This is blatantly unconstitutional.”

Dan Caldwell, the vice president of the Center for Renewing America, also referenced the Federalist Papers. Stating, “the ability to engage in anonymous speech has been a central pillar of the American conception of free speech since our founding.”

DeSantis Rapid Response Director Christina Pushaw, wrote:

“I am no lawyer but isn’t this blatantly unconstitutional? Free speech includes anonymous speech.”

Noah Jennings, the Iowa political director of the pro-DeSantis superPAC Never Back Down, cranked up the sarcasm by suggesting Haley might “expand the Patriot Act to police thought crime.”

Haley did respond. In a statement to Fox News Digital, she said:

“We all know that America’s enemies use anonymous bots to spread anti-American lies and sow chaos and division within our borders. Nikki believes social media companies need to do a better job of verifying users so we can crack down on Chinese, Iranian, and Russian bots. That’s common sense.”

Haley appears to have chosen the correct journey, but the wrong vehicle. The bots used by foreign nations are an abomination that need to be eliminated, but the elimination of anonymous speech should not be. Surely, the social media outlets can eliminate these digital saboteurs, while preserving free and open anonymous speech.

In an age of high-tech wizardry and AI, surely these bots can be weeded out. If, and it is a big “if,” the social platforms choose to do so.