Sunday, December 03, 2023

Racist Snowflake Principal Suspends Student for School Spirit

The radical left is filled with self-righteous fools. So narcissistically sure of themselves, that they have lost all sense of reason and fair play.  

Muirlands Middle School is a progressive gulag near SanDiego California. One of the students from there decided to show some school spirit at a La Jolla High School football game. He showed up wearing war paint on his face, something that anyone remotely familiar with college or pro football has seen thousands of times. However, according to Libs of TikTok, the principal of the middle school who obviously keeps his head tucked in his lower digestive track on most days, suspended the student from school and banned him from future sporting events.

Why you may ask? Well, because the snowflake principal convinced himself with absolutely no justification, that the student was student was made up in a “clear-cut case of blackface.”

Not only was the very idea that the boy was wearing blackface ridiculous, he wasn’t the only one there with face paint. He wasn’t disruptive in any way since there were both security and police present and no incidents were reported.

The principal involved not only has a totally radical leftist slant on life, but his sense of timing is also terrible. It wasn’t until the following week that he called the student’s parents into his office. Now, Put yourself in these parent’s position. A week after their son did nothing, they find themselves in a moron’s office trying to defend him for that absence of malice.

Thinking that the entire thing was a misunderstanding, they attempted to reason with the principal. I don’t need to tell you what a mistake that was. Remember, this is a radical liberal that they’re dealing with. Reason isn’t even in this clown’s vocabulary. Still, they tried. Explaining that their son’s face was painted with what is considered “war paint” and that it was actually done for him by another student. They even explained that it was a phase that was trending on TikTok, but the warden/principal was unmoved.

There’s an old expression that says the proof is in the pudding. So, as a last resort, the parents provided the proof. They gave the principal a picture of their son that proved he was CLEARLY wearing face paint as a show of team spirit. Instead, the warden/principal decided to continue slandering an enthusiastic 13-year-olds name. In this miserable leftist’s mind, he refused to accept the truth and on the form suspending the student and banning him from future sporting events, this miserable piece of human flesh checked the box that stated the offense was “Offensive Comment; intent to harm.”

This is a 13-year-old-boy that didn’t even know what the term blackface meant, because he had never even heard the term before. According to the Libs of TikTok, “An adult had to explain it to him.”

This warden/principal needs to not only rescind the suspension and sporting events ban, but he also needs to be punished. If you are the principal of a middle school and can look truth in the eye and deny it, YOU ARE NOT FIT FOR THE JOB.

This is a grown man, totally denying reality and victimizing a 13-year-old boy. I have no idea what he is trying to accomplish, but it is so far off the chart of fairness that he MUST BE PUNISHED.

With the slightest amount of research this would have been a non-issue. The warden/principal made it one, now he should wear the SAD CLOWN FACE.