Wednesday, February 21, 2024

CNN FAILS to Cancel RVIVR Publisher Scott McKay

Last Friday, everyone’s favorite Regime-propaganda outlet CNN published a lame hit-piece of my fellow patriot Scott McKay. Scott McKay is the current editor of The Hayride and RVIVR blogs and author of multiple books–including The Revivalist Manifesto (2022) and Racism, Revenge, and Ruin: It’s All Obama (2023).

CNN decided to attack McKay by writing a poorly-researched article attacking McKay’s book from last year–The Revivalist Manifesto. Current US House Speaker Mike Johnson wrote the foreword for McKay’s book, so CNN used this connection as a vector to attack Speaker Johnson via “guilt by association”. In fact, this CNN hatchet job of an article quoted Far-Left radical reporter Jared Holt as an “expert source” regarding Holt’s thoughts on Speaker Johnson’s endorsement of The Revivalist Manifesto.

As someone who read McKay’s book, I can obviously tell that CNN hatchet-writers Andrew Kacyznski and Em Steck–who co-authored this hit-piece–obviously did NOT read The Revivalist Manifesto. McKay’s book covers a large swath of American history and barely even discusses the current-event topics that the Far-Left Regime apologists are attacking him for. Kacyznski and other radical Leftist ideologues completely mischaracterized McKay’s book by taking random quotes and stripping them of their context. Quite a dishonest but typical tactic of the Regime Media’s Leftist hacks.

CNN was not the only “Fake News” media outlet to attack McKay and Speaker Johnson. Here are just a few of the hit pieces published on other sites:

Vanity Fair: “Mike Johnson Wrote the Foreward [sic] for a Racist, Homophobic, Anti-Poor Book That Endorsed Pizzagate and Denigrated a Prisoner of War”

LGBTQ Nation: “Pete Buttigieg slams Mike Johnson for promoting a homophobic book that attacked him”

Daily Beast: Speaker Johnson Endorsed Far-Right Book With Conspiracy Theories, Homophobic Slurs”

Mediate: “Where Do You Even Start With This?’ Buttigieg Responds to Book Calling Him ‘Openly, and Obnoxiously, Gay”

Even the Democrat party took part in the opinion-laundering of CNN’s hit-piece.

Despite all of these attacks, CNN and its Far-Left media counterparts FAILED to “cancel” Scott McKay. Interestingly enough, quite the opposite happened. McKay’s book The Revivalist Manifesto briefly became the #1 book on Amazon’s “Comparative Politics” category–a whole year after the book’s initial release.

Definitely make sure to check out The Revivalist Manifesto if you haven’t already. I got a signed copy from last year when the book first came out!

Scott McKay published his response articles on both The Hayride and The American Spectator regarding this situation. Both articles are worthwhile reads to learn more about CNN’s FAILED hit-piece:

Here is a part of McKay’s The American Spectator article:

If it sounds as if I’m complaining about Kaczynski, let me correct that impression. I’m not. His piece dropped on CNN’s website Friday morning, and by Saturday The Revivalist Manifesto was topping Amazon’s comparative politics chart. When I looked on Monday, it was still there

At some point, these news organizations who employ hacks like Kaczynski are going to start going out of business. CNN already had a colossal failure trying to launch a streaming service, CNN+, which essentially demanded that people pay for more of something they refuse to watch for free.

Extinction is coming for these people. And until late last week, I’d have told you it’ll be glorious to see. Now? I’m thinking it’s more bittersweet. I’m getting to like the fact that somebody like Kaczynski can make me a lot of money swinging and missing at Mike Johnson.

Here is a part of McKay’s The Hayride article:

“It’s uncommonly stupid, because the book isn’t about Pizzagate. There isn’t even a chapter about Pizzagate. There’s a chapter about the 2016 election and why Trump, who nobody thought had a chance to beat Hillary Clinton, managed to win. The discussion of Pizzagate was part of a recitation of things showing how noxious Hillary Clinton was to average Americans – the Clinton emails scandal, Uranium One, the DNC email scandal, Podesta’s emails and Pizzagate and other things were also included …

The book talks about those things in the context of what the average American thought of Hillary. Not to focus on them. I’d say Kaczynski’s too stupid to understand this, but that isn’t what’s going on here. He thinks his readers are that stupid, and he thinks he can get away with lying to them.”

Overall, CNN‘s attempted “cancellation” of Scott McKay and Speaker Johnson shows that “Cancel Culture” is not as strong as it used–circa 2017 to 2021. The American Regime’s proverbial dam of censorship and Cancel Culture is starting to burst, and America First patriots should rejoice at this development!