Saturday, May 25, 2024

Nikki Haley Thinks You’re Stupid

Wednesday night in New Hampshire, former South Carolina Governor and candidate for president Nikki Haley took a question on what caused the Civil War. Her answer was an interesting one, to say the least especially when she didn’t even mention slavery.

But Nikki, the war was about slavery. The Confederate states made it very clear in their declarations of secession.

Nikki’s answer was such an easy layup the Biden campaign was able to take advantage of it.

Normally the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day is a quiet one news-wise. But unfortunately for Haley, the Associated Press already wrote up an article about this and that means we’re going to have a cable news cycle on this story.

Yet there are still many people who believe that Haley would easily defeat Joe Biden. This latest Haley gaffe should dispel that notion. Haley can’t help but stick that foot in her mouth.

The worst part about these remarks is that Haley herself probably doesn’t believe that. Back in 2015, then-Governor Haley called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina capitol grounds.

Nikki Haley is not a stupid woman but she hopes you are stupid enough to believe what she’s saying.

I have wondered why the Never Trumpers have latched themselves on Donald Trump’s former UN Ambassador. After all, if these people want to erase all traces of Donald Trump from the Republican Party and American politics, why would they latch themselves to someone whose national career was essentially launched by Trump?

The easy explanation is that Haley is very much for sale and that she would simply do what she was told. But that’s not the most satisfying explanation. After all, if their goal was to have influence they could simply flatter Trump who would give them what they want.

The real explanation is that Haley shares the Never Trumpers’ disdain for conservative voters. She simply tells her audience what she thinks they want to hear. By audience, I don’t mean the people she ostensibly speaking to at the moment, such as this case a town hall in New Hampshire. The audience Haley is trying to target is the average Republican primary voter.

Haley believes that she could appeal to the Republican primary voters by downplaying the role of slavery in the Civil War. This is simply pandering to the lowest common denominator of voters.

This is the only play in her playbook because she is not a serious presidential candidate. Her issue stances are largely nonsensical. She is an identity politics-obsessed dilettante who has no business running for an office as important as president.

Haley should not be on the ticket as vice president, but these remarks may have blown up any chance she had at that.

Nikki Haley’s entire campaign is an insult to the intelligence of voters. The sooner her campaign goes down to bitter defeat, the better off the country will be.