Saturday, May 25, 2024

Nikki Haley’s Poison Endorsements Continue to Sink Her Candidacy

Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) endorsed Bush-clone Nikki Haley on Tuesday, telling voters, “This is an opportunity for New Hampshire to lead this country, for New Hampshire to say we’re not looking in the rearview mirror anymore.”

This is the same Chris Sununu who criticized the removal of Liz Cheney from the Wyoming GOP, favored censorship of Paul Gosar (R-AZ) for an obvious spoof video, and criticized the targeting of 13 House Republicans who voted for Biden’s woke green energy bill.

Sununu has been a consistent critic of President Trump, calling him “crazy,” and claiming, “He is a loser… I’m tired of losing… We got our clock cleaned because of his leadership… I supported him in ’16. I supported him in ’20. But he’s a three-time loser going on to be a four-time loser.”

In a bizarre and awkward moment, Haley welcomed Sununu’s endorsement, calling it, “about as rock solid as an endorsement as we could hope for.”

Bear in mind that Sununu is reviled by the vast majority of Republicans who support Trump, and that group comprises about 60-70% of all registered Republican voters nationally. As Haley piles up endorsements from other country-club Republicans that the base despises, like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Jeb!, her negative perception among the America First base is growing exponentially.

What could she be thinking?

If by some chance Trump is disqualified from running for president, which is what DeSantis and Haley are silently counting on, Haley has to know that with every RINO endorsement, her chances of being the nominee continue to evaporate. She might appear to be in second place, but it’s fool’s gold. One would imagine that if Trump were to drop out for whatever reason, DeSantis would inherit most of those voters, and Haley would remain in second or possibly third place.

As if the endorsements alone weren’t bad enough, Haley has become the darling of the donor class. This includes the czar of the RINO globalists, Charles Koch, who pledged a multi-million-dollar campaign ad drop on Super Tuesday on Haley’s behalf through his Super Pac, Americans for Prosperity (AFP). In a letter to its donors, AFP says it’s endorsing Haely because the Republican party has been choosing “bad candidates who are going against America’s core principles.”

Apparently, “America’s core principles” include forever wars, amnesty for illegal aliens, pro-China trade policies, tax cuts for multinational corporations and huge deficits. Koch is joined in supporting Haley by other globalist heavyweights, including Ken Griffin, founder of Citidal, Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase, and Ken Langone, founder of Home Depot.

Laura Ingraham Weighs in

Fox host Laura Ingraham weighed in on the Haley campaign, calling her resume “attractive” but pointing out that Jeb Bush built an extremely attractive resume, and, well, we all know how that turned out. The issue, according to Ingraham, is that most Republican voters understand that the term “common sense conservative” means their voting record will reflect the exact opposite.

In reality, the RINO con stretches back to George Bush Sr. You must talk really tough during the primaries, and then tone it down during the general election. Once you’re in Washington, enjoy the A-list cocktail parties and consider it a victory when Democrats get a little less than what they demanded. As long as you’re not criticized in the main stream media, all is good.

Haley is a classic “compassionate conservative,” a term coined by George Bush Jr. She seems much more comfortable in a room full of big-money donors than she does in front of a crowd of MAGA voters. While the Romney-Ryan segment of the party grumbles, groans and silently hopes Trump is convicted and barred from running for president, they grossly underestimate the level of disdain ordinary Americans have for them. For nearly 40 years, these people have duped hard working Republican voters and choked off dissent by controlling the RNC and infiltrating local and state branches of the party to manipulate the rules. For decades, candidates with ideas that strayed from the party dogma were squeezed out by the process and marginalized.

It took someone with a massive fortune to break through the bureaucratic entanglements and road blocks Romney-Ryan bureaucrats had erected to keep their stranglehold on the party, and now, they simply can’t accept that their time has passed. The average Republican voter doesn’t care if a large multinational corporation can lower its labor costs 10 cents a unit by moving its manufacturing to Shanghai. They want tariffs on China until the playing field is level. Voters don’t want to hear the phrase “boots on the ground” when the boots belong to their own kid fighting a meaningless war on foreign soil. They’re tired of watching truckloads of young men from hostile foreign countries being disbursed into their cities and neighborhoods.

If Haley really wanted to become president, she should have targeted 2028 and aligned herself with America First and MAGA. Instead, she has succumbed to the seduction of big money and fancy dinners, and that’s why she’ll never poll higher than 30% in a one-on-one matchup with Trump.