Friday, July 12, 2024

VIDEO: The Clay Higgins-Lara Logan January 6 Interview

Here’s some great weekend viewing. It’s a 38-minute sitdown that Rep. Clay Higgins (R-Louisiana), who has made some news recently after he tore into FBI director Christopher Wray over what Higgins called “ghost buses” photographed in the early hours of January 6, 2021 at Union Station in Washington, DC, did with independent journalist Lara Logan.

Logan and Higgins are a dynamic combination and it’s a great interview simply for that reason, regardless of the subject matter. They’re both pretty intense people and the body language between the two makes for some compelling viewing.

But then there’s the substance, because Higgins is of the strong opinion, as is Logan it’s clear, that some unspecified fraction of the January 6 demonstrations turning into a riot came courtesy of the involvement of the FBI and other federal agencies seeding the crowd with informants and agents provocateur.

Higgins has been privy to a great deal of evidence from January 6 cases and House investigations, including video footage, text messages, eyewitness and whistleblower testimony and other sources, which has led to his opinion that January 6 was a colossal trap set for Trump supporters laid by a corrupt Deep State. That sounds like a wacko conspiracy theory, or at least it would have just a few years ago, but given the mountain of evidence we’ve already seen and the way our government acted in response to January 6 when time and time again left-wing demonstrations – including one this week by pro-Hamas activists – have disrupted the U.S. Capitol and the official proceedings therein, you can’t dismiss such accusations any longer.

It’s worth noting that conservatives in both the House and the Senate had planned to introduce a great deal of evidence of irregularities and stark departures from established state election law in multiple swing states decided by suspicious vote counting in November 2020, and all of those presentations were canceled when the demonstrations inside the building got out of hand.

We know the Capitol Police was grossly understaffed, per decisions made by Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell, and we know that demonstrators were let in and then later arrested.

And we know there were federal agents and assets everywhere.

Cui bono? Who benefited? The same people who run the country now. And no, you are not crazy for finding it all very suspicious as Clay Higgins does.

Here’s the interview…