Saturday, May 25, 2024

America-First Means #NeverNikki

Throughout American history, the role of the President of the United States has been an influential and powerful one. It is a position that has the potential to shape the country’s future, for better or worse. 

While Barrack Obama’s administration set the stage, the presidency of Joe Biden has been widely criticized as one of the worst in American history. He opened our border to deadly doses of fentanyl and violence, inflated costs through bad policies, and is sending billions of our tax dollars overseas while we struggle to make ends meet.

However, electing Nikki Haley would only mean replacing the worst President in American history with the second-worst President.

Haley’s opposition to banning the genital mutilation of children as governor should be enough to disqualify her from the Republican primary field. Chris Christie got the hint, but Haley’s donors have overinflated the career politician’s ego to a point where she actually thinks she can win this race.

Haley claims it should be up to the parents to make medical decisions for their children. In most cases, I would more than agree. However, castrating a child, whether it be physically or chemically, is undeniably abuse. Any parent who “chooses” to permit permanent damages to their child’s body should be arrested and imprisoned, not celebrated by globalist elites on morning talk shows. 

Any politician who calls child abuse a “choice” should never be elected to any public office.

Haley also has a love for war and a strong inclination toward neoconservative policies that do everything but make America first again. With a long history of advocating for military intervention overseas, it’s clear that Haley will never be the war-free president that Donald Trump served as. 

Let’s not forget that we are coming out of a “global pandemic” that crushed our economy by shutting down businesses deemed “nonessential” by the government. 

Why is Haley joining the pro-war chants of the Democrat party when she knows, just as well as anyone who has walked the streets of New York City, that there are homeless veterans out in the cold begging for change? Shouldn’t we take care of them before filling Vladimir Zelenskyy’s pockets?

Nikki Haley is corrupt, and we should not be replacing corruption on the left with corruption on the right. Haley doesn’t represent the America-First agenda – she advocates for the complete opposite. She will use the White House to continue sending billions overseas because she doesn’t care about the Americans who fight wars, she cares about the revenue generated from war.

The Republican Party has shifted since the Bush era, and liberty-minds conservatives have become much more resistant to engaging in foreign conflicts, especially without an official declaration from Congress. Haley, on the other hand, is stuck in the GOP at the turn of the century

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s announcement that he will never support Nikki Haley should be the position adopted by every conservative who considers themselves an America-First Republican. Whether you support Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, or Ron DeSantis – nobody should ever support Nikki Haley.