Saturday, May 25, 2024

Political Roadmap for 2024

2024 is going to be an action-packed here for American politics. From Primary season to the November Presidential election, we will see non-stop coverage of the Presidential election cycle starting with the Iowa Caucus this month to the end of the year. Consequently, I decided to dedicate this article as a sort of political roadmap for all the of the major political events in 2024.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the major political events scheduled in 2024:

-Iowa Caucus–GOP (January 15th, 2024)

The Presidential primary process starts in Iowa this January. The Republican Party is holding the first caucus/primary of the 2024 Presidential cycle in the state Iowa on this date. This caucus will likely become the make-or-break event for some of the GOP presidential candidates outside of President Trump–specifically Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley.

-South Caroline Primary–Democrat (February 3)

The Democrat party’s presidential primary does not offer as much competition as the Republican party. Only two Democrats are challenging Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination–Congressman Dean Phillips and author Marianne Williamson. Both candidates are relatively unknown, so neither one possesses a legitimate chance in defeating Joe Biden in the primary. Nevertheless, the Democratic presidential primary starts on February 3rd in South Carolina.

-Super Tuesday (March 5)

On Tuesday, March 5th, over a dozen states will host their presidential primaries for both the Republican and Democrat parties. Known as “Super Tuesday”. Roughly one-third of all presidential delegates for each party’s presidential nomination are up for grabs on this date. So, “Super Tuesday” is undoubtedly a critical date in the presidential election cycle.

Here are the states holding primaries on Super Tuesday:  Alabama, Arkansas, Alaska, California, Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia.

-Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, WI (July 15-18)

Over a four day span, the Republican party will host the Republican National Convention (RNC). This major event will showcase speakers, booths, and many activities–which all culminate in the selection of the GOP’s presidential candidate. In essence, the RNC is a large-scale rally for the GOP presidential candidate (likely President Trump) and the party as a whole heading into the November General election.

-Democrat National Convention in Chicago, IL (August 19-22)

-Three Presidential Debates (September 16, September 25, & October 9)

Currently, three presidential debates are scheduled before the November Presidential election. These debates will likely feature the Republican Presidential nominee (likely Donald Trump) versus the Democrat presidential nominee (likely Joe Biden) Here are the three dates for the debates:

  • Sept. 16: First presidential debate at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas 
  • Oct. 1: Second presidential debate at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia 
  • Oct. 9: Third presidential debate at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City 

-Presidential Election (November 5)

It all comes to this one day: Election Day. Tuesday, November 5th is the climax of the 2024 presidential cycle and will decide the future of our nation.

The 2024 presidential election cycle is going to be a long one. Roughly 11 months separate the Iowa Caucus and Election Tuesday (November 5th). So, buckle up and get ready for a historic election season.